Shibnobi’s Shinja is Opting for A V2 Migration On Nov 15th

Shibnobi Shinja is migrating from Version 1 to Version 2 on November 15.

Shibnobi Shinja, an open-sourced cryptocurrency token formed on the Ethereum blockchain is migrating from its Version 1 to Version 2 on November 15. This is a deflationary cryptocurrency project that aims to revolutionize the decentralized finance ecosystem where enthusiasts flock in search of new revolutionary ideas in hopes of becoming an early investor in new and upcoming projects that will reshape the crypto ecosystem and possibly the world.

The plan to achieve these goals includes a multichain swap called the Shibnobi Swap. Think of each chain in crypto as a global business chain. There are stores we prefer shopping at target, Walmart, and Marshals to name a few. What the swap does is provides a safe, secure and verified group of goods from all of the chains in one marketplace. In this case the goods are the cryptocurrency projects. This approach in combination with the structure of a public ledger of unchangeable transactions that make up the blockchain brings a newfound innovations transparency and trust to the crypto ecosystem. In just under a year, they have launched 8 projects on their swap, one of which recently traveled to a 120 Million dollar market capitalization from a mere 5 thousand USD.

Shibnobi has following of over 300,000 across all social media platforms, firmly reinforcing their principles of Innovation, Transparency and Trust with daily weekday AMAs Monday-Friday broadcasted across multiple social media platforms from their custom-built studio at Texas headquarters. The team believes that continuous engagement with community, hearing the voices of the people helps provide a better scope for the further development of the project.

For some time now Shibnobi community has been pressing to have the supply reduced from the exponential number 69 sextillion. Having a higher supply in cryptocurrency results in a lower price per a token, while this does not affect the capitalization that you are able to obtain through returns, it has proven to be an obstacle getting the project listed on certain exchanges due to the number of zeros in the price. There has also been request for changes to be made in the tax structure or Tokenomics of the project as referred to in crypto.

To exemplify the principles, they stand for the team has heard the request of the majority and is now migrating from its existing version 1 contract to its new and improved version 2. Upon migration the new token structure will be a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, this structure will give the community the ability to vote on decision that will be made for the future of the project. The supply of the V2 will be 100 billion Shinja Tokens across all chains listed on due to the revolutionary bridge developed by Shibnobi ( ). This results in a lower price structure and giving the project the ability to continue listing on higher tier Centralized Exchanges.

On November 1st, 2022, at 12:45 CST trading was halted on BSC smart chain and ETH blockchain for $SHINJA token. For investors who are currently holding on a CEX the tokens will automatically migrate from V1 to V2 and requires no action. However, if you are holding in a decentralized wallet such as trust wallet or metamask and purchased your tokens from a decentralized swap like Uniswap or Shibnobiswap it will require some action and a transactional fee from the corresponding blockchain you’re using. The team recommends joining the Shibnobi telegram from the official website to view a spreadsheet with lowest transactional times on the ETH blockchain.

With the Shibnobi relaunch there will be no presale or private sale allocation. They are simply upgrading the smart contract that defies the integrity and security of cryptocurrency project to further benefit the holders. Upon the successful relaunch the team is hopeful the starting price and tokenomics will be more appealing to new investors while also incentivizing long term holders through staking.

Shibnobi is proud to be working alongside such an incredible community to make a better cryptocurrency space and will continue to lead with innovation, transparency, trust providing informational updates and community interaction every step of the way whilst developing and delivering this new ecosystem with a global network focused on the betterment of the space.


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