Sherry Li Creates Classes and Programs to Ease Nursing Shortage

Medical professionals are in exceptionally high demand, with registered nurses being in particularly short supply.

The quality and span of life saw a significant enhancement thanks to the remarkable medical discoveries during the recent decades, and this was coupled with a continuous social and economic development. However, these benefits of modern-day progress are also straining the available public resources, especially with regard to healthcare. Medical professionals are in exceptionally high demand, with registered nurses being in particularly short supply. As the global population continues to age, the need for medical care services will only grow, which requires a relentless focus on training and qualification to ensure that healthcare systems around the world can operate effectively. Nurses are critical for the provision of quality patient care, a fact recognized by Thompson Education Center. Not only is the organization committed to academic excellence, but it also actively seeks to provide training in areas with a pressing need for qualified professionals.

In the revised 2017 edition of its World Population Prospects report, the United Nations states that “Population ageing is poised to become one of the most significant social transformations of the twenty-first century, with implications for nearly all sectors of society.” According to the paper, “In 2017, there were an estimated 962 million people age 60 or over in the world, comprising 13 percent of the global population.” The UN goes on to note that, “the number of older persons in the world is projected to be 1.4 billion in 2030 and 2.1 billion in 2050, and could rise to 3.1 billion in 2100.” China is among the countries enjoying the strongest economic growth but also facing the problem of an aging society. An earlier report by the UN projects that the number of older persons in China will grow by 71% between 2015 and 2030. The shortage of professional nurses is forcing Chinese families to hire care workers who lack proper qualifications and medical knowledge, as a result of which elderly care suffers. In the US, according to the US Census Bureau, "From now until 2050, the elderly population will more than double, reaching 80 million. By that year, one of five Americans may be the elderly." More people with old age may face chronic and restrictive diseases or diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer's disease. These problems lead people to rely on others for help in their daily activities.

Thompson Education Center and Sherry Li is joining the effort to help China close its nursing skills gap and ensure quality medical services for its citizens. The project has signed contracts with universities and schools in the country to deliver 2,700 nursing program students every year, providing professors, teachers, and training from qualified colleges. The program has a comprehensive system that offers different degrees, courses, labs, and practical training to ensure complete mastery of nursing. Students who already have associate degrees in China can complete a 4-year undergraduate college and receive a bachelor’s degree. The nursing program will arrange internships at reputable hospitals, giving students the opportunity to gain experience in a real-life environment. In addition, Thompson Education Center has the purpose of helping students get a Registered Nursing License and advance in their career.

Highly committed to economic development and employment growth, Thompson Education Center brings together education, culture, communication, and business to create new opportunities. Located in Sullivan County, Upstate New York, the project expects to create many local jobs through multiple phases of real estate development. It has signed agreements and letters of intent with high schools, colleges, educational institutions, and systems both in the United States and China. Thompson Education Center has been helping students realize their potential by using personalized instruction and smaller class sizes, which allow sharper attention to detail and make it possible to maximize learning efficiency and skill acquisition.

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