Shenzhen and Zhejiang: Promising Lands with Tons of Business Opportunities

The ecommerce players in China’s Shenzhen and Zhejiang are playing an increasingly important role in the global ecommerce market. Shenzhen has a long-term commitment to become a global logistics hub.

Supposing that an American businessman is interested in sourcing from China and he is looking for products suppliers by using search engines such as Google or online B2B e-commerce marketplaces such as ECVV. It’s interesting to find that most of the search results feature manufactures and suppliers from Shenzhen and Zhejiang. Shenzhen, a city in Southern china, is the country's first and most successful Special Economic Zone with three decades of rapid development; Zhejiang, an eastern coastal province of China, is home to Zhejiang businessmen who have long been known as the oriental version of the sophisticated Jewish businessmen.

Shenzhen: E-commerce is making another legend

1983 is a year to be remembered. Before that year, Shenzhen was a small, poor village. After decades of development, benefiting enormously from favorable economic policies, Shenzhen takes on a brand new look with skyscrapers and busy traffic. People in this city believe in hard work and high efficiency. They have made the legend of 'Shenzhen Speed'.

Vice president of Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association Chen ZongJian noted that as the country's largest distribution center for popular online products such as consumer electronics, clothing and jewelry Shenzhen has upstream industry chain resources which are necessary for e-commerce. Shenzhen has a long-term commitment to become a global logistics hub with functions of international resource allocation and international business operations. The geographical advantage of being close to Hong Kong also creates favorable conditions for the development of Shenzhen's e-commerce industry.

Data show that Shenzhen has consistently ranked the top among cities valued at trillions of US dollars in foreign trade. It is a major manufacturing center in China with strong economic strength, good policy environment and perfect industrial chain. Therefore, International Data Group Shenzhen Regional Representative Cao Dijun had predicted: "Shenzhen will usher in a new era of e-commerce industry."

In addition to the solid upstream foundation and professional service companies, trading platforms also contribute to the booming development of the e-commerce in Shenzhen. One of the most representative examples is ECVV, a veteran global B2B e-commerce marketplace which is particularly popular in Eastern European market. Mr. Gao from Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences said: "Take ECVV for example, the registered suppliers on this global e-commerce marketplace reached 50,000 by the end of 2013, among which 9,900 were from Shenzhen. The figures are convincing."

Zhejiang: Tons of business opportunities online

Zhejiang's e-commerce transactions reached RMB 1.6 trillion (USD265 billion) in 2013. Approximately 85% of the online retail, 70% of cross-border e-commerce transactions and 60% of B2B e-commerce trading in China are made by using Zhejiang E-commerce Platform.

At China E-commerce Conference 2014, Governor of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province Li Qiang said that the rapid development of e-commerce accelerates the development of various areas such as finance, health care and traditional businesses. E-commerce also helps boost the development of the real economy.

E-commerce is an important opportunity for Zhejiang and even China's economic transformation. With supporting facilities, first class e-commerce industry chain and policy advantages, excellent e-commerce marketplaces led by Alibaba are playing a central role in global trade.

In 2014, cross-border e-commerce is ushering in a period of rapid development. China accounted for 3% of last year's global turnover of 100 billion. ECVV's official data show that suppliers from Shenzhen and Zhejiang account for 40.68% of the total registered suppliers on ECVV's cross-border online retailing platform OkBuyNow. Suppliers from these two areas receive more positive consumer feedback.

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