Shelter Finance Defi 2.0 Launches Token to Revolutionize Defi Space

Shelter Finance is a Defi 2.0 platform developed by the Shelter group. Shelter Token is a native token of Shelter Finance which is planned to be launched on 21 November 2021 at 9 am UTC.

The need for a reliable and secure decentralized finance ecosystem is growing at an incredible rate. Even famous investors say that Defi will replace the bank with its faster process, lower fees, and greater accessibility.

In order to meet this demand, Shelter Finance Defi 2.0 is launching Shelter token, along with dApp, which will revolutionize the way people invest in crypto-related products like DApps or ICOs by providing more security than self-issued tokens provide while still offering competitive interest rates on deposits.

This revolutionary system provides protection against scam projects as well as other risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, such as market volatility and low liquidity.

Shelter Token is the native token of Shelter Finance; a Defi 2.0 platform developed by Shelter group, which is planned to be launched on 21 November 2021 at 9am UTC. Shelter Finance a Defi 2.0 is a multi-chain project, however due to network conjunction issues on other Blockhcain networks the Shelter finance developers team has decided to launch project on Binance Smart

Shelter token stands apart from its competition due to the uniqueness of its business model. There are only 100,000,000 Shelter tokens issued in total initially, and the value of the token is based on its market capitalization.

Shelter Token uses a defense system to defend the lowest price and increase the size of its market cap through investment to promote a long-term rise in value.

They are excited to let their investors know that Shelter token is highly profitable as well as stable at the same time. This means that Shelter token prioritizes safety over large profits, which increases SHELTER token's value compared with other tokens- even if their prices are going up too!
This is done by ensuring maximum efficiency from very low-risk products like investment funds and defense systems, providing continuous growth without risks associated such as crashes or corrections (falls), and maintaining strong collaborations within its ecosystem through open, permissionless Smart Contracts.

The core developer of Shelter finance said: "Shelter is a platform to invest in decentralized applications with minimal risk, low fees, and high liquidity. There are 100 million SHELTER tokens initially, which are the only currency accepted on this platform to give maximum efficiency in both growth and security, without being affected by changes in price or volatility."

He also added, "We believe in community-oriented development. Instead of having traditional
ICOs, we prefer to work on building a strong community that will help us grow the project. This project aims to lower the risk associated with investing in crypto by using low-risk products so that people can safely invest.”

The Shelter Finance developer’s team aims to create a project with a lower risk of investment in the cryptocurrency market. For this reason, a set amount is preserved in the defensive system for unexpected price swings. The Shelter market defense system will protect the market price fluctuations and give holders additional profits.

To make things clear, being an open-source project, there will be only 25 million tokens locked in reserve for defense purposes, it will give holders some peace of mind knowing that there are enough tokens in defense to deal with market fluctuations and market manipulators, which may be tempted to crash the price.

The APY of Shelter Token is subject to a floating rate. Since the average price of each investment product has changed for this snapshot, an updated average will be displayed on their Dapp, which might change time-to-time in order to reflect any fluctuation or movement from its original value while considering defense systems' inflation rates and other external factors like market volatility.

Therefore SHELTER token could potentially be worth much more than what it actually costs, not just because there was an increase. The Shelter token soon first will be listed on the PancakeSwap, thanks to the whole Shelter Finance community. As a holder of Shelter token, you'll be able to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap to earn passive income.

The Shelter Finance voting system was created to provide future flexibility in the direction of development, including user requirements, holder management, risk control, and marketing. Users will be credited with a 1:1 ratio of their SLT holdings when an agenda is first registered. The holder will be able to pay his or her vote for the new agenda and select whether to agree or disagree, which enables Shelter to respond flexibly.

Shelter right now is offering 100,000,000 tokens to early adopters at a fixed price. All the unsold tokens will be excluded from the market capitalization.

Here below are complete info of the token

· Token infoName : Token Shelter
· Symbol : SLT
· Contract : 0xF1845722f5d52C324039c5F6ebA2cc1e4621ed13
· Network : Binance Smart Chain ( BSC )
· Total SUPPLY : 135,000,000
· Initial supply : 100,000,000
· Liquidity supply (only 10% of the tokens in circulation) : 10,000,000
· Defense protocol : 25,000,000

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