Shawn Whitson Recently Named "Key Leader" with Cool Trader Pro Independent

Shawn Wilson newly appointed “Key Leader” with Cool Trader Pro pledges to increase public awareness of the software and its applications.

Since its official beginning in 1792, with a mere 24 merchants, the stock market has increasingly drawn the interest and curiosity of those pursuing investment options, but at the same time has created frustrations for the average investor. Investors worldwide agree that the most substantial drawback of entrusting funds to the stock market is the amount of time and research involved in successfully doing so. Almost a decade ago, Cool Trader Pro software was created to perform the tasks of watching the stock market for investors and buying and selling stocks when conditions deem necessary. Following appointment to the position of Key Leader in Texas for Cool Trader Pro, Shawn Whitson from Texas has launched a campaign to increase public awareness of this software and its applications.

Shawn from Texas explained, "Robotic trading means letting your computer do all the work for you. Our software executes the rules for when to buy or sell throughout the day, beginning when the stock market opens and ending when it closes. The Cool Trade Robotic Automated Trader watches the stock market for you, constantly monitoring conditions that affect your trades. All you have to do is turn it on. The trader comes complete with a simulator and sample strategies. You can use these samples as a template, or create your own strategies, and test them in the simulator. The simulator mode allows you to practice trading without actually investing any money."

"Once you get a feel for trading, you can open a brokerage account with any of the seven affiliate brokerages like Interactive Brokers, E-Trade or TD Ameritrade, just to name a few. Consult with your broker regarding the type of account that is right for you and the funding requirements, but you can start conservatively with as little as a few thousand dollars," continued Whitson, "We offer online technical support and a variety of tutorial videos to provide any assistance customers may need in using the software."

Current customers, ranging from novice investors to experienced traders, supply rave reviews for Cool Trader Pro robotic trading software, expressing appreciation for how easy the system is to use, the returns they have received while using the system and the efficiency of the software.

About Cool Trader Pro affiliate:
Cool Trader Pro affiliates, including Shawn Whitson of Sulphur Springs, Texas, provides the public with Cool Trader Pro software, which, to date is the only fully robotic stock market trading system with integrated brokers available to the public. Since 2005, Cool Trader Pro has offered trading success for investors of every experience level. The program uses automated technology that is capable of detecting the proper times at which to buy, sell and trade stock without the need for user supervision. They also provide constant technical support for their customers. Both current and potential customers are encouraged to visit their website.

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