Sharon Klein Storms The Music Industry With Her Unique Style

Talented indie singer and songwriter, Sharon Klein, continues to push boundaries in the music market amid accolades from different quarters

Sharon Klein has continued in her pursuit of charting a new course in the music industry, with the criminally underrated act showing her prowess behind the MIC. The versatile singer and songwriter is looking to carve a niche in the highly competitive industry, with her unique style of delivery influenced by a diverse background standing her out from others.

The music industry has undoubtedly witnessed a series of evolution over the years. The emergence of several talented acts across different genres as well as technological advancements and the advent of digital music has continued to drive the market in recent times. Independent artists, despite stiff competition from singers who enjoy the strong support of major record labels, have played a significant role in delivering content to meet the growing and diverse needs of the audience. However, one name, Sharon Klein, looks ready to stun the music scene as she channels her energy and melodious voice to making entertaining yet thought-provoking music.

Sharon Klein has always been a music lover and despite her seeming globetrotting escapades, she was able to pursue her dream of becoming a professional entertainer. Sharon’s ingenuity and creativity have made her one of the fastest rising stars in the industry, with her lyrical prowess and soul-lifting voice helping her gain the attention of major stakeholders in the music scene.

“Sharon Klein moves you emotionally with her beautiful voice, there is a mesmerizing effect when she sings, I love her style and energy," said Uri Geller – Mentalist.

Infusing different styles, including rock, punk, blues, jazz, and classical into her works, Sharon Klein has created a unique art work that can only be rivaled by a few in the industry. She has collaborated with some A-list acts in the industry, including Giora Lipshitz, (G Wizz), her musical partner and producer of the Confirm That and InTentions albums from Sharon Klein.

The talented Sharon Klein has been able to work her way into the hearts of millions of lovers of good music across the globe. Some of her works include Don't Worry, released on September 12, 2020, 11 Minutes, Pavement, and Bite Me.

Sharon Klein’s cosmopolitan style of music has put her on a high pedestal and the world can only expect more from the talented artist.

For more information about Sharon Klein and her works, please visit Spotify and YouTube.

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