ShareMeAll Establishes a New Age Barter System Based on Blockchain Technology

With the limitations of the traditional barter system, a monetary system was put in place to facilitate trade. Today, with a wave of technological developments and the hype created by the blockchain technology, bartering has become so much more transparent, smooth and secure.

ShareMeAll has built a new system of sharing and exchanging goods and services keeping human values at the core of its project. It is a community project that aims at bridging the gap between people that are spread across continents.

The blockchain based project offers marketplace as a platform to exchange and share skills, objects and everything imaginable using their eSwitch token. The idea behind the project is to revolutionize the human nature of throwing unwanted items and persuading them to share instead. Instilling trust among users through the use of blockchain, the platform enhances transparency and eliminates mediators.

For an ease of access, ShareMeAll created a mobile and internet exchange platform, where the users can spend eSwitch to buy goods, services and accommodation. Users have the facility to import their cryptocurrency wallet on the platform and transfer eSwitch to the wallet. The tokens are based on Ethereum technology and secured by smart contracts. The token, instilling human values of trust and transparency, will be distributed amongst the users in the initial phase of the project. AAccess to a  face-to-face interaction on the platform will be available to users to share and build trust in real-time.

Users will be credited with a certain amount of eSwitch upon registering on the platform, based on the number of services or goods offered. Further, the platforms permits users to exchange their eSwitch token for fiat or cryptocurrency, on partnered exchanges. ESwitch can be converted into BTC, ETH, USD or EUR. However, to curb fraudulent activities, a user can transfer eSwitch in the crypto wallet only after a month of holding it.

The platform also enables an optimum utilization of the objects without a change in ownership, apart from sharing and exchanging. ShareMeAll attempts to reach out to the unbanked community and those that lack awareness about the benefits of the robust blockchain technology. The project thoroughly analyzes the inherent challenges of the traditional barter system and offers a cash-free bartering as a solution.

Through its decentralized platform, ShareMeAll attempts to expand the reach of cryptocurrencies across the globe. The new age barter system it promotes to bridge the world together, is a remarkable concept and requires an incredible effort to tackle the flaws inherent within the system.

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Name: Sharemeall
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Organization: Exchange and Sharing Platform
Address: 45 rue d’alma - 69400 Villefranche - France
Phone: +33 (0)4 28 29 80 73

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