SFGate Rates the Best Mattress Brands and Mattresses of 2022

Popular website SFGate has published an in-depth look at the best mattress brands and their best mattresses of 2022. The site lists top-rated mattresses for individuals with all types of sleep needs.

SFGate published an in-depth review of the best mattresses of 2022. The article gauges and measures mattresses across various metrics to come up with a list of the top-rated mattresses available in the country. The best mattresses according to the article put the Amerisleep AS3, Zoma Mattress, and Vaya Mattress in the top 3. However, the article also cautions that for every person there is a different perfect or best mattress based on their personal preferences and body type.

Choosing the best mattress is very different for everyone. There is no ideal mattress that will perfectly offer universal comfort. In addition, it is more than just personal preferences; the right mattress depends on how a person likes to sleep, their body weight, and their shape. According to the article, side sleepers will do well to choose a soft or a medium mattress. Those who sleep on their backs or love sleeping in their stomachs will want to buy a firmer mattress.

The firmness of the mattress is just one factor worth considering, but it is also the most important one. Buyers are advised to ask questions to find the best mattresses for themselves.

While mattresses are typically an afterthought for most people, it’s crucial that everyone educates themselves about what they need to get quality sleep. Many return policies may be easy and generous but you don’t want to cycle through a variety of bad mattresses before finding the right one for your home. Research what you really need to sleep your best, and make sure to invest in a mattress that will last you a really long time. It will be worth the effort when you get to sleep well each night and wake up refreshed.

SFGate’s guide provides a comprehensive look at all the best mattresses available so you can easily narrow down your options and choose one that will be just perfect for you.

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