SEOT - block chain M&A investment platform to subvert the new model of real economy

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SEOT, issued by the Korean blockchain investment and merger company HANCHAIN PTE.LTD , proposes an innovative solution in the market.

Since the birth of Bitcoin, the digital economy based on Block-chain technology has flourished. "Block-chain" is a product of the digital economy era, and the world has entered the era of digital economy.

Bitcoin created a precedent for decentralized cryptocurrency, and countless experiments have fully tested the feasibility and security of blockchain technology. TheBlock-chain 1.0 era represented by Bitcoin provides new ideas and new methods for value transfer; while the blockchain 2.0 era of Ethereum makes commercial applications of blockchains possible. Ethereum is an open source blockchain underlying system, just like Android, it provides a very rich API and interfaces, and various blockchain applications can be quickly developed on ETH. Block-chain technology can be applied in many fields such as artificial intelligence ( AI ), big data, digital finance, Internet of Things, supply chain management, digital asset trading, etc. The application scenarios have basically realized the manufacturing of digital currencies and mining machines from the beginning With the extension to financial services, new industries are emerging.

Driven by the market and technology, digital currency has long changed its identity, and its pure use as currency can no longer meet the needs of the scene. The role of digital currency now is more to meet the needs of commercial applications, and its status has begun to become particularly important.

Changes in business needs have given birth to new currencies. The issuance of SEOT proposes a solution from the fundamental structure to solve the fundamental purpose of the current funding method and the use of blockchain to issue virtual assets, optimize the inconvenience of using legal tender in the market, and develop and meet the real economy to meet commercial needs The actual needs of the market provide cryptocurrency.

SEOT, issued by the Korean blockchain investment and merger company HANCHAIN PTE.LTD, is developed based on ETH (ERC-20), integrates the main infrastructure within the economy, builds a social industry and encrypted trading platform, and provides users with An open and transparent social platform, users can directly participate in the decentralized service of M&A investment on the platform.

In 2020, the new crown epidemic raged. HANCHAIN invest heavily in the real economy, landing mask factories, global hotels, real estate, e-commerce, music copyright, and China's largest ETH mine and Filecoin IDC center, making SEOT have great application and circulation value in the system ecology.

In the future, M&A investment platform will focus on the layout of real economic industries, expand the influence of the platform, create diversified real economic industries, promote more applications to the ground, and serve the vast number of members and organizations in the system. Build a comprehensive SEOT ecosystem to create a better future.

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