SEOPressor Unveils Emotional Words Marketers Must Have in Headlines

SEOPressor explains the power of 28 emotional words that can create a difference in catching attention and engagement.

When it comes to digital marketing, people connect with emotion words. As behind every action, there is an underlying emotion like excitement or desire that actually drives the behavior.

To help marketers drive their conversion rate and help potential leads take action, SEOPressor has published an emotion word list comprising 28 powerful words that sell in emotion marketing.

SEOPressor recommends adding these emotional words in headlines to evoke emotion and create the most persuasive headline that will drive clicks. Not just a list, the post also has explanations as to why they are effective and include examples and case studies.

“Majority of click decisions not only come from rational needs but more often through emotional triggers and influence,” said Steph, the community manager at SEOPressor. “This applies to content creation as well as the aim is to drive our readers to click.”

With these emotional headlines, marketers can also avoid falling into the trap of creating dry or neutral headlines and avoid yourself from creating clickbait headlines. On the other hand, SEOPressor also has a free blog title generator where users can just include their keywords and start generating these emotional headlines or just get inspired.

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