SEO Expert Joseph Conroy Shocks the Law Firm Marketing World With Single Video Which Ranks For 2,396 Keywords

InnoVitae, employing the use of artificial neural networks (ANN's), achieves 2,396 Google rankings for law firm marketing keywords valued at $ 53.15 each.

InnoVitae recently announced and released a new SEO case study showing how this 8-year old online marketing firm for small businesses was able to produce and rank a video for thousands of keywords in one of the most expensive and competitive online markets in the United States.

Joseph Conroy, the founder and President of InnoVitae commented; "These results are the culmination of many years of research, testing, and technology development." One area Conroy is very knowledgeable is the application of artificial neural networks (ANNs) for process optimization. A previous company Conroy founded, and was subsequently purchased by GenScape for an undisclosed sum, Envapower, employed the use of artificial neural networks for the forecast of electrical loads and prices for regional power grid systems.

Again Conroy; "I brought over the concepts and math we used at EnvaPower to predict the power loads and prices. Our artificial neural network system for SEO applications uses the target keyword as the output function and the top 10 websites as the first layer of inputs. The program next analyzes the backlink profiles of the top 10 websites, identifying the backlinks from these 10 "input" sites which are contributing to the rankings of the websites. These baclinks form the second input layer and enable us to build an effective ANN SEO model for optimization."

Conroy states the use of artificial neural networks is not the only system they use to achieve first page rankings in Google. He goes onto to say the ranking process includes other activities such as social interaction, video views, and the embedding of the video on other platforms around the internet.

Conroy continues; "At an average cost-per-click of $ 53 for law firm marketing in Google AdWords, the goal was to build a system which would provide an alternative traffic source in this market at a much lower price. Our initial projections were to produce a video which would rank for 100 of these keywords, which is about 10 times industry benchmarks. Our law firm marketing case study showed we achieved 294 first page and 2,396 top 100 rankings in Google.

These results far exceeded our expectations, which will enable us to provide an even greater ROI to law firms which employ this process."

InnoVitae is initially planning to engage with 20 law firms in various regions of the country to finalize the commercialization of the service. After which, InnoVitae has plans to roll it out across the US. According to Conroy, they currently have capacity to support 200 law firms.

Again Conroy; "Based on these results, we will be able to offer law firms unprecedented value. Here, each $ 53 keyword may cost as little as $ 1 / month. If you own or operate a law firm and would like to participate in the initial rollout, please contact InnoVitae.

To View the Law Firm SEO Marketing Case Study Report click here.

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