Senior Tech LLC Reports on Barriers to Mobile Device Usage Among Seniors

Individuals with a sight or hearing impairment may find most cell phones don't meet their needs. A Snapfon overcomes these barriers, allowing more access to mobile technology, reports

The National Eye Institute reports more than 12,000,000 individuals will be visually impaired by 2050. A person who has vision impairment finds their best-corrected visual acuity comes in at less than 20/40 in the better of the two eyes, with the only exclusion being individuals who are categorized as blind. As a result of these findings, individuals will need to prepare for a future in which they may have less than ideal vision, and Senior Tech LLC is here to help.

"Cell phones continue to become more popular with all ages, as they make it easy to stay connected with others. For a senior, especially one who lives alone, this is of great importance in the event they have an emergency. A Snapfon ( is a great choice as these devices come with a full-color screen that is easy to read, large numbers and buttons and a speaking keypad," Jim Tate, spokesperson for Senior Tech LLC, announces.

According to the Pew Research Center, 80 percent of individuals 65 and older own a cell phone. Seniors tend to equate their cell phone with freedom simply because it allows them to feel they are connected to others. This differs greatly from younger generations who feel their mobile device is distracting, and this may be due to the fact seniors tend to use their phone for fewer tasks.

"While a younger person often uses their phone to browse the internet, check social media and engage in additional activities, seniors are more focused on voice calls, checking email and texting. A smartphone is not essential in the eyes of most seniors as it is for younger generations. The Snapfon ( meets their needs perfectly," Tate continues.

Medical conditions are one reason given when explaining why seniors are less likely to use their mobile device for a range of activities. Sight impairment is only one condition that can interfere with their ability to fully make use of technology. Hearing problems may be another.

"The Snapfon ( helps to address these issues. Furthermore, plans offered with this phone are designed with seniors in mind. There is no need to pay for excessive amounts of data or unlimited minutes, when many seniors won't use these features. Furthermore, a person can opt to add the Mobile Monitoring Service for peace of mind. Our goal is to help everyone who wants a phone get one that meets their needs, and the Snapfon is our answer," Tate declares.

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Senior Tech LLC provides mobile devices with seniors in mind. These products come with nationwide coverage, family alerts, a replacement plan and more. With the help of this company, seniors find they can stay connected at all times with those they love.

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