Sendai Mebuki Holdings Announces New Research Office Based In Seoul, Korea

The research arm of leading investment management services firm Sendai Mebuki Holdings announces the opening of its new research office based in Seoul.

The research arm of leading investment management services firm Sendai Mebuki Holdings announces the opening of its new research office based in Seoul. As of May 2019, the facility will centralize Sendai Mebuki Holdings research operations, providing comprehensive, innovative information streams and analytics to Sendai Mebuki Holdings brokers for their institutional investors and retail clients.

Established in 2004 and headquartered in Osaka Japan, Sendai Mebuki Holdings has built a respectable reputation within the capital markets industry. Asian financial markets at present hold some of the world's most rewarding and profitable investment opportunities.

With so many dynamic markets in play, it has been difficult even for institutional investors to gather the information needed to develop leading strategies in the region confidently. Retail investors face even more significant challenges, often settling for small investments in Asian index funds and leaving bolder, more profitable plays for others.

Sendai Mebuki Holdings research office addresses these hurdles with a comprehensive array of reporting on Asian securities of all types. Their current number of employees in Seoul is around 120, which is scheduled to grow to 200 by 2021, giving Sendai Mebuki Holdings a unique capacity for gathering up-to-the-moment information on Asian equities and bonds. This reporting provides Sendai Mebuki Holdings a comprehensive suite of technical and fundamental analysis.

"The skills and instincts that make for successful investment in Western markets don't always guide investments in Asian markets in the same way," observes the new office's Director of Equity Research, 12-year industry veteran Chi Ho-Jin. "For most retail investors, the opportunities to purchase stocks and gain access into information has been challenging, thus investors are going through index funds or actively managed vehicles."

"But those investors are leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. Our goal with Sendai Mebuki Holdings Research's new Seoul facility is to give investors worldwide the tools they need to invest in Asia just as confidently as they do in the West. That'll take a lot of work—trading mechanics are different across regions, and reporting requirements are even more varied. But Sendai Mebuki Holdings has made a huge investment here, and everyone from investors to capital markets themselves will benefit."

Investors can look forward to more information and less ambiguity surrounding Asian equities, including rigorous reporting on earnings, revenues, cash flow, and other fundamentals that can be difficult for foreign investors to identify. This fundamental research informs Sendai Mebuki Holdings' technical analysis. Better fundamentals allow better pattern analysis, more complex and revealing technical indicators, and more accurate projections.

Michael Fox, Head of Derivatives at Sendai Mebuki Holdings, is particularly excited about the Seoul facility's ability to benefit one particular trading strategy.

"Equity markets here in Asia are one of the biggest in the world, and they're governed by stronger transparency requirements and other regulations that you'll find elsewhere. That's tremendously reassuring to investors. When our clients have the information they need to invest in equities confidently, we think that that they'll be ready to create some enormously profitable strategies. Our job is to give them that confidence, and we're ready to do so."

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