Sell my House Fast Baltimore By Working with Wholesaler

Benefits of working with a Wholesaler as told by AMC Holdings1

AMC Holdings1 is pleased to offer the buying of homes in the Baltimore area for owners looking to sell homes fast. Wholesalers in the realty business work well because they provide an alternative to the listing and selling on the market through a realtor, and offering a quick closing opportunity. This is an excellent way for homeowners to offload a home when they need a quick turn around or do not have the time/resources to put a house together ready for the market.

Selling a home with a real estate agent can feel exciting when you’re working with someone who knows the area. They are also there to represent the best your home offers to potential buyers. But fees and commissions can start to feel like a drain when they become tacked on with their additional expertise. Closing costs, commissions, inspections, and waiting for other parties to come back with negotiations of their own. Putting a house on the market and selling it can be quite the headache, and you’ve got someone with the knowledge and know how but they also get quite a decent chunk of your value. On average, a realtor can end up with 7% of your home’s value when sold. That can mean thousands of dollars are going to someone else, and suddenly a home’s value is not reflected in what the owner ends up with.

When owners sell their home directly to a wholesale, a lot of typical commissions and fees are left by the wayside. If you need to sell my house fast Baltimore, look to AMC Holdings1 for a free, no obligation offer. The company will buy homes in the Baltimore area on an as-is condition. There is no need to take time off of work for multiple viewings, no open house, and can work directly with those who are purchasing the home. AMC Holdings1 is open to buying homes quickly and can make offers and close within a week. This is a swift turnaround time compared to putting a house on the market and waiting for a potential buyer.

According to Zillow, the typical amount of time houses spent on the market before being sold was 68 days. This length is often influenced by factors like location, the market in the area, and what time in the year you are selling. With AMC Holdings1, these factors become mute as the company is looking at the home, condition, location, and making an offer based on the house. While wholesale transactions in the housing industry are generally sold at a bit below the market price, what you’re trading at a price is the potential to get more of the value without commissions or fees, as well as being able to sell quickly.

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