Sell Diabetic Test Strips for Financial and Ecological Reasons

The need for test strips when an individual shows symptoms of diabetes is ongoing. One of the problems with the strips is that the type of testing equipment evolves over time. When that happens, there may be unused strips available.

More Cash for Test Strips and Barry C are pleased to announce that they have established a website to serve as a clearing house for unused test strips. For people with diabetes, the location where they can sell diabetic test strips is a financial boon, as well as a benefit to ecology. Unwanted testing supplies may fit a testing equipment model that no longer is needed or the patient's medical advisor changes. Accuracy in testing is how a person with diabetes can determine whether a larger or smaller dose of insulin or other medication is needed.

“If you want to sell your diabetic supplies," says Barry C of the website, “we will take a look at the brand and availability and give you a quote on the price. If it is acceptable, an address label is sent to the seller. We want to purchase your unwanted testing strips so they can be resold to others in need of a lower cost for the strips.”

Test strips can be used only once and are often the most expensive element of a diabetes testing regimen. The equipment is often very reasonable in price, while the strips quickly add up and may not be part of the insurance coverage for many carriers. When people with diabetes have extras of the strips, selling them to the website provides a little for the next purchase and makes it possible for those stressed financially to locate a site where the strips can be purchased for less money.

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By selling the strips rather than placing them in the landfills, there are ecological benefits and financial ones. The new test strips from the website are safe and unused strips, which happen to be surplus to the current owner's needs. They are the same high-quality strips that can be found in supermarkets and pharmacies.

About the Company:

More Cash For Test Strips helps provide cash for test strips that would otherwise be thrown away. The sellers can gain a little money from the company by submitting information about the number and type of available strips. The strips must be unopened and clean.

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