Self-Made Millionaire Launches Website Sharing Story To His Success

Zak Folkman shares steps to success on personal website.

Zak Folkman isn't the typical white collar, suit wearing multi-millionaire.

Now recognized as one of the "World's most successful entrepreneurs and marketers," by Business Insider, Zak Folkman is no stranger to making money online.

At just 34 years-old, he's surpassed the $100,000,000 mark in online sales in every continent except Antarctica.

From beauty products and trendy gadgets to selling millions of dollars for top-tier attorneys and mortgage companies... he's done it all.

Folkman attributes his success to Facebook's advertising platform. "My first Facebook Ad campaign I spent $200 to make $800. I was instantly hooked. It felt like a video game, but it paid real money."

Nearly a decade later, Folkman has poured over $150,000,000 into paid advertisements on the social platform (that's more than the GDP of some countries!) Of course, the returns have been sweet.

Folkman's massive results have garnered the attention of high net worth individuals looking to enter the ecommerce arena.

This year, Folkman is slated to speak at this year's $100MM Mastermind alongside Jordan Belfort (aka The Wolf Of Wall Street), Marcus Lemonis (host of CNBC's, The Profit), Jim Kwik (Elon Musk's memory coach) and other elite entrepreneurs.

Only those who have done over $100,000,000 in sales are invited to speak at the closed-door event.

Fortunately, for those of who aren't able to attend the live event, Folkman offers a few tips for new entrepreneurs looking to enter the exciting world of ecommerce. The first tip he shared is to follow the money.

Folkman first learned the idea of "following the money" from his parents. It's exactly what led him to wanting to become a lawyer in the first place. Like most people, he assumed lawyers made a comfortable living.

"When I first started law school, I thought lawyer's made all the money, but that was just perception. It was actually the people hiring the lawyer's who had the real money."

This realization sent Folkman back to the drawing board. He knew this wasn't the path to true wealth. Rather than being the lawyer who trades his time for money, Folkman became the business owner doing the hiring. By the time his peers entered the workforce, he was already well on his way to his first million.

The second tip is to reverse engineer other people's success. Folkman's number one secret to success is to keep it simple and not overcomplicate the process.

"I don't reinvent the wheel. I just look to see what's already working (or not working) and figure out how to implement it myself."

It's the same reason why Samsung Galaxy smartphones are very similar in appearance to Apple iPhones. Steve Jobs did all the visionary work, while Samsung and other smartphone companies piggybacked on Apple's research and development to offer the market what it already wanted.

And the final tip from Zak is to take massive action without fear. No one gets anywhere in life without the willingness to take massive action. Most people let fear control them and keep them in place. On the other hand, successful people know that if they follow their fears it will lead them to what they want.

"I like to reframe fear and think of it was excitement to challenge myself. In other words, FEAR stands for feeling excited and ready to embrace the unknown."

Whenever Folkman gets that nervous feeling in his gut, he knows he's on the right track. When you're pushing outside your comfort zone that's when you grow the most.

The bottom line is, Folkman has built a lifestyle of ultimate freedom and financial certainty for himself. He reminds us all to think beyond the conventional norms of society and have the courage to pursue your dreams.

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