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The release of a new blog article by Pierre Charles offers tips for self employment. The article lists 29 suggestions for lucrative ways to be your own boss.

Pierre Charles is the founder of a new website which presents ideas for becoming self employed. The latest release is full of ideas which may appeal to prospective entrepreneurs with a wide range of interests. Working for oneself is the dream of many people today, who are tired of punching a time clock for a boss, even a boss who is accommodating and supportive. The website article and blog post lists 29 ideas and suggestions which may provide a spark of interest.

The power to set one's own schedule, decide what kind of work to do, and earn income is a freedom that quite a few think worthy of pursuit. If any of this sounds like it might be something which is intriguing, now might just be the ideal time to try out self employment ideas. The United States Department of Commerce runs its own Bureau of Economic Analysis. According to its data, self employment doubled from 2000 to 2011.

Self-employment is the goal of many aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly because of how often the corporate ladder doesn’t go anywhere anymore and incomes remain flat across the many years of economic growth. Still, sifting through the various self employment ideas out there and choosing an affordable or practical starting place is a hurdle. Fortunately, many opportunities exist for anyone willing to try new things and put some elbow grease into their future.

The list of 29 ideas is designed to provide inspiration, but will not be useful unless the reader decides on one and takes action. The list of ideas is not prioritized, because each person's idea of the best option is highly personal. Many people appreciate the power to set their own schedule, decide the work which will be done and the power to earn income is a freedom which many think worthy of pursuit.

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