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SR22, SR22A, SR50 and FR44 insurance plans don't have to be outrageously priced reports Select Insurance Group.

According to MSN Money, drivers with a DUI conviction pay the price for an extended period of time, as it can take up to eight years before the person goes back to preferred status with the lowest premiums. In addition, any incidents or accidents during this time period increase the amount of time it will take to reach preferred status again. "The cost of car insurance after a DUI conviction continues to skyrocket and the same is true of car insurance costs for those with no prior insurance history and those who have prior lapses in coverage," Stephen of Select Insurance Group explains.

Drivers in California convicted of a DUI must purchase California SR22 insurance, under state law. The California SR22, a certificate of insurance provided by insurers, verifies to the Department of Motor Vehicles that the driver meets the minimum requirements set out by the state for auto liability coverage. "Drivers lacking this form cannot have their driving privilege reinstated and this form may also be requested of drivers who were involved in an accident while uninsured or those who lost their driving privilege after receiving too many points on their driving record within a certain time period," Stephen continues.

In Florida, the laws differ slightly in that the driver may be required to maintain more than the minimum amount required by their state. The higher amounts protect the public in the event they are injured by a driver with previous DUI convictions. "Anyone in need of Florida FR44 insurance needs to contact an agent immediately as some companies do not offer this type of policy and those that do charge more for auto insurance in order to minimize their financial risk if an accident does occur. Select Insurance Group works to find affordable insurance for each driver," Stephen goes on to say.

Indiana SR50 insurance certifies a driver meets the financial responsibility mandates laid out by the state. Rather than an insurance policy, the SR50 is a certificate, issued by the driver's insurance carrier. "The SR50 insurance form differs from the SR22 in that the SR50 verifies coverage for a specific date rather than for a specific time period. The state typically requires this form when a driver is unable to show proof of insurance following a vehicle accident, a traffic violation or during the state's random verification process," Stephen states.

No matter which type of insurance a driver finds they are in need of, Select Insurance Group remains ready and willing to help. "Our company helps customers find affordable insurance when they are required to maintain a FR44, SR22, SR22A or SR50 insurance plan. Plans of this type tend to be very expensive and our goal is to find a competitive rate from a financially sound company. We treat all customers with respect and ensure their privacy at all times," Stephen proclaims.

About Select Insurance Group:
Select Insurance Groups helps consumers find affordable FR44, SR22, SR22A and SR50 insurance plans, meeting the insurance needs of all customers. The primary focus continues to be serving troubled drivers requiring financial responsibility insurance/filings in their states. By shopping multiple insurance carriers that work specifically with drivers having multiple violations, no prior insurance or lapses in coverage, Select Insurance Group is able to offer competitive rates with sound financial backing while treating customers with respect and maintaining customer confidentiality. As a result, every customer receives the very best product for the money.

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