Security Camera Installation Memphis TN Shares Tips for Selecting Camera Locations

Get the most from CCTV System by maximizing strategy of camera placement and avoid these common mistakes

Memphis Security Camera Installation is pleased to share tips from their expertise to give customers peace of mind when it comes to their home. Many people employ CCTV cameras around their property to ward off burglars, check in on their homes, and ensure that potential violations are recorded and caught. But there is more to a secure CCTV system than plugging it in and waiting. Memphis Security Camera Installation shares some of the insights they've learned over the years about placing and mounting security cameras on the property.

Security cameras are to protect and comfort owners of the property and to ward off danger. Be it from commercial to residential areas, Memphis Security Camera Installation has seen a lot of deployed systems and knows what works best. Consider ensuring that your camera installation covers all the bases by taking a walk through of your property to identify vulnerable spots. One of the absolute musts for any property is the entrance way. “Whether the front door to a home or the entrance to a warehouse you always want eyes on the primary entrance” suggests Security Camera Installation Memphis TN. This applies to backdoors, staff entrances, or alternative entrance and exit locations that are frequently used.

Next, walk through problem areas like windows that don’t face the main road or small basement openings. If there are openings to property that is obscured from view, but easy to access by a human than consider posting a camera to ensure you have the active ability to monitor this space.

When installing cameras, make sure they are away from vegetation and sufficiently safe from weather. When mounting the camera, keep clear of any tree branches, shrubs, or other obstacles that keep out a clear line of sight. Installing with the right hardware to withstand potential wind and rain is key to a security camera that you can rely on. Keep in mind that branches and bush nearby may become issues in the future. If you’re working with a professional company such as Memphis Security Camera Installation, they’ll be able to assess best the property and ways to avoid damage from outdoor elements.

Lastly, consider mounting cameras on the inside. Should a potential offender manage to get inside your home, this may be the best place to catch a clear view of someone’s face should they come in. Inside basements by stairwells or by the front door are a few considerations. Keep doors and windows locked to discourage intruders, and check your system periodically to ensure it is recording and monitoring your home the way it was intended to.

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