Sea Island Luxury Interior Designer, VPI Design, Advises on Dining Al Fresco Options

Sea Island Luxury Interior Designer, VPI Design by Dina Varner, discusses how to create the ultimate dining al fresco experience to enjoy outdoor dining year-round.

Dining al fresco is all the rage in restaurants. VPI Design explains how to create the right aesthetic for that perfect al fresco experience in the comfort of a home.

Luxury home design relies on a delicate balance between overall design and function to create the perfect experience. With the development of new technologies, interior design has been redefined in countless ways, often for the better. One luxury experience that has people talking is the ability to bring dining al fresco into modern home spaces, and not just in areas where the weather is always nice!

Dining al fresco means outdoor dining. It is the ability to create a space where a person can enjoy nature, fresh air, and a delicious meal or drink at the same time. Highly coveted in restaurants during summer months, this lovely dining experience has been favored for some time. Using the right tools and furniture, anyone can create a stunning dining al fresco experience in the comfort of their own home. Dina Varner, Founder of VPI Design says, “Dining al fresco used to be seasonally limited for most people. Now, design has evolved to support an al fresco experience whether it is sunny or snowing.”

The draw to dining al fresco does not only come from the freedom of being outside. The reason that these spaces are so well-loved is often because of the aesthetic that they bring. Movies often highlight stunning outdoor spaces that bring together a touch of rustic design with subtle lights to create a certain degree of warmth. With the right approach, creating an aesthetically appealing outdoor space is fairly simple.

To make a space that offers that luxurious dining al fresco look, a homeowner must make peace with nature. The idea is not simply to move a dining set into an outdoor space. Rather, it is about finding a blend between a natural space and modern design. Using neutral colors for furniture and design elements can help to keep this balance.

An outdoor dining space that blends well is often created using wood or aesthetic equivalents. Using wood as a design focus makes it easy to maintain that natural look while also making the scene suit the outdoor space. It allows guests to feel like they are a part of nature.

Dining al fresco is not simply a place to eat. When done correctly, a well-designed space will offer a completely unique and welcoming experience. The best designs can offer a sense of warmth, tranquility, and freedom.

The beauty of dining al fresco is often in the freedom of the outdoors. To create this, it is important to focus on open designs that allow guests to enjoy nature without forcing them out into the open. Open walls and keeping plenty of space to move can create this experience.

The primary issue with eating outside is directly related to the weather. Guests do not want to eat outside in the blistering heat or the chill of autumn. Fortunately, temperature regulation is easy with the right tools. By using umbrellas, lighting, and heat lamps or fires, dining al fresco can be a year-round experience.

About VPI Design by Dina Varner:
Dina Varner is founder and creative director of VPI Design, an Atlanta and Sea Island Interior Design Firm working with both residential and commercial clients. She and her husband have been in the commercial construction industry for many years. Her inspiration comes from over twenty-five years of collecting and selling art and antiques through venues like Sotheby’s, Babcock Gallery, and Christie’s. This love of art and antiques started as a passion and has evolved into a successful business. Dina’s rich southern heritage, in addition to her love of fashion and travel, also act as her creative influence. The VPI Design team work together with a distinct flair for aesthetic insight into unique designs exhibiting elegance and style. They explore the use of light and texture for an organic appealing experience in every timeless interior. Combinations of art deco, vintage, and contemporary styles are combined to create elegance while simultaneously exuding simplicity and comfort in each living space. Her designers enjoy getting to know their clients personally to create a home that suits their individual taste. Dina believes that every aspect of a room should complement one another to tell a unique story.

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