S&E Specialty Polymers Introduces New Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) Compounds With Improved Properties For Wire & Cable And Other Applications

After several years of extensive research and development, S&E Specialty Polymers has introduced six new thermoplastic and thermoset CPE-based compounds.

These compounds cover the majority of wire & cable industry needs, and are excellent candidates for the replacement of many engineering type polymers and rubber due to exceptional chemical and heat resistance, a wide range of continuous temperature use (from -50 Celsius to 105 Celsius), as well as other properties.

The new S&E TufTech and TufGuard CPE compounds cover a broad range from hard to soft and are designed to withstand the harshest environments.

“We feel we’ve brought CPE compounds to the next level,” said Duane Shooltz, President and Managing Partner at S&E. “While CPE’s have been used by the wire & cable industry for many years, there has been very little modification or improvement to the formulations of these compounds. We’ve created a better line of CPE’s not only for wire & cable, but for other applications as well where chemical and temperature resistance is important.”

Historically, users have relied on the crosslinked process to improve the chemical and physical properties of CPE. S&E’s new CPE compounds are available as crosslinked and non-crosslinked grades. The company’s new thermoplastic-grade CPE-16-009 and CPE-14-031 as well as CPE-13-021 are examples of S&E’s new-generation CPE’s that are suitable for cross-linking. These materials are designed to replace engineering grade elastomers in any application that requires excellent chemical resistance and wide ‘continuous use’ temperature range (-50 Celsius to 105 Celsius). These include potential applications such as drilling industries, transportation and wind turbines.

About S&E Specialty Polymers
S&E Specialty Polymers is a premier specialty plastic compounder serving the automotive, wire and cable, battery/stored energy, consumer and footwear markets.  The company’s products are also used extensively in general purpose molding and extrusion applications.  S&E produces PVC, TPE, TPO & TPR compounds including flame retardant polyolefin, flame retardant/low smoke PVC Plenum and low smoke zero halogen compounds.  The company is also a leading producer of flame retardant concentrates and compounds requiring exact color matching.
In addition, S&E enjoys ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. 

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