Sculpture Clinic Launches a Liposculpture Informational Campaign

Patients need to recognize what liposculpture can and cannot do before embarking on this procedure, reports

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that, although no official statistics are maintained regarding elective surgical produces such as cosmetic surgery, the demand for procedures of this type continues to increase. Many individuals, for example, look to liposculpture Melbourne to remove localised fat deposits that have failed to respond to diet and exercise modification. The procedure helps to slim and shape specific areas of the body by removing these deposits and, as a result, the contours and proportion of the body improve.

"Very few things are as frustrating as continuing to diet and exercise only to find certain areas of the body remain resistant to change. This can lead to a decrease in the individual's self confidence and may also lead to them giving up on maintaining a healthy diet and weight, as they feel nothing they are doing works. Don't follow this path, as liposculpture can help remove these deposits in a short period of time," Peter Paraskevas, spokesperson for Sculpture Clinic (, reveals.

According to existing liposculpture information presented by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, numerous areas of the body often benefit from this procedure. This includes the buttocks and hips, the waist and abdomen, the thighs, the inner knee, the cheeks and chin and many more. In certain situations, patients need to undergo more than one procedure to obtain the desired results, and a qualified physician can be of help in determining which ones are required.

"One mistake individuals must not make is assuming liposculpture may be used in place of diet and exercise. Individuals who are not far from their ideal weight and those with a body mass index of 30 or less tend to make the best candidates. However, certain patients will discover liposculpture may not be the solution they are searching for," Paraskevas continues.

Liposculpture fails to help with loose saggy skin or cellulite. In addition, patients need to understand that the outcome is determined in part by the elasticity of the skin. As a person ages, their skin becomes less elastic, and the doctor needs to determine how this will affect the final results.

Patients need to remember they have options. Although liposculpture remains the best way to remove the fat deposits, it can only do so much. It cannot treat obesity or repair saggy skin, among other things. Speak to a physician today to learn about the different treatment options and determine if liposculpture is right for you," Paraskevas recommends.

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