Scripps Performing Arts Academy Admits They Were Wrong

Marie Arts, Arts Dance Project Inc., dba Del Mar Ballet, Pacific Arts Dance Center and Royal Academy of Performing Arts with Francine Garton, Royal Dance Academy, Inc., formerly dba Royal Dance Academy of Performing Arts Admits They Were Wrong In This Apology.

We were previously under the mistaken belief that Scripps Performing Arts Academy and Angela Amoroso reported our school to the City of San Diego for not having the proper permits for our school.

We have since confirmed that Scripps Performing Arts Academy and Angela Amoroso did not report our school to the City of San Diego for not having proper permits.

If our previous belief caused Scripps Performing Arts Academy and Angela Amoroso any problems, we do apologize.


Dear Friends,

Thank you to all of you for your support of Scripps Performing Arts Academy over the many, many years. We recognize recent unfounded gossip has created a detrimental and damaging situation not only for our business, but also for our students and their families. Many of you have found yourselves in a position to defend our good name, and for that, we sincerely thank you.

After the passing of our infant daughter, Isabella, (who would be turning 13 this Labor Day weekend) we learned a practice for how to reframe unimaginable events. This practice has been our guiding light during these trying times. There is always a lesson to be learned beneath every cloud, and below is one we need to share.

We originally took the advice that all of this "gossip" would pass, and were advised to continue to "be who you are and go forward." Unfortunately, this erroneous rumor snowballed through our dance community to the extent that we felt it necessary to ask for help. I have put this situation in a timeline in an effort to help diminish the gossip that has spread like wildfire throughout our community.

It is most important to understand three local Dance studios were reported to the City for zoning violations. They are taking the necessary steps to correct those violations. The City keeps the report details confidential and will only release information if there is legal action. Therefore, at no time before August 11, 2017 could anyone have known or researched with certainty, who had made the complaint.

Following are the steps I personally took, upon first learning of the zoning violation situation:

1. I visited the City website and researched the code enforcement open cases within the last six months, which is public information.

2. I downloaded the PUBLIC report (in this download, it auto copied my username from my computer, which is Angela Amoroso.)

3. I then copied the area of the reported information and sent it to a concerned parent.

4. Unintentionally, that information was circulated.

5. As a result, this link caused these three studios to assume that I had direct access with the City, and they began spreading inaccurate information.

When these false accusations started to affect our students and parents at school and other public places, we recognized the severity of the slander that required us to retain legal counsel. The attorney was able to subpoena the records and take appropriate action.

Our attorney has delivered ALL of the city evidence, which included hundreds of pages of documentation, including the names of the persons who filed the complaint, to the dance studios. My name and no one acting on my behalf was anywhere in any of the City documents regarding the complaint.

Two of the three studios have signed the statement below (retracting their previous accusations) and will be posting it on their website, Facebook and front door for a two-week period. It is our hope that this will soothe the ills that have been created from false information.

There is a civics lesson here for those parents who would like to re-frame this unfortunate situation into a positive lesson for their children. There can be tremendous value gained from this experience. Visit our City website today and see the plethora of information available for young entrepreneurs.

The City makes information and requirements for start-ups, building permits and so much more, readily available for those willing and ready to take the necessary steps.

I also encourage those of you who are interested to spend a few moments and reflect on how we can improve and heal the ugly divide that has been created in our community together.

This is an opportunity to inspire our children to take the road less traveled. They must realize that their words are powerful. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Be prepared. Seek the truth and remember what can happen if you choose to assume.

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who you think will benefit from this information.

Thank you for your continued support as we move forward in Creativity and Grace! It is going to be a wonderful New School year.

Miss Angela
Executive Director, Scripps Performing Arts Academy

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