$SCRG Fair Launch Token Of Scrooge Project Goes Live

$SCRG - The Fair Token for The Honest Crypto-Investor

The Binance Smart Chain based Scrooge Token project has announced the launch of its native $SCRG token. The asset has been made available for trading on exchanges starting February 8, 2022.

The Scrooge Token was officially made available for trading on the PancakeSwap exchange on February 8, marking the deployment of the asset for use by the broader decentralized community. The $SCRG token is designed to be a fair token for all classes of crypto market participants, brandishing all the technical advantages of the Binance Smart Chain. The asset also boasts a number of tokenomic qualities that make it an asset of choice for both new and experienced market participants.

The development team of the Scrooge Token project is intent on developing an asset that would be affordable for all crypto users, while offering a host of advantages, such as enhanced security, additional income, and higher degrees of trust. The $SCRG token is issued with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 that will be charged a 9% commission from each transaction. The commission will be pooled and distributed as rewards to all holders of the asset. The $SCRG token does not have any hidden fees or additional commissions, highlighting the fair and transparent nature of the project’s economy.

The $SCRG token has already been audited by Solidify Finance and SOLIDProof, both of which have confirmed the security of the underlying smart contracts. The project also has a comprehensive tokenomic model that fosters user engagement and audience scaling.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the IT industry and related decentralized technologies that have led to the advent of Bitcoin, the development team behind the Scrooge Token project is confident of the underlying concept of their asset and its future traction.

“There are so many meme coins out there that we decided it was time to break the stigma and release an asset that would be of actual use. We are the only token of its kind designed for all users of the market, and we are the original with the unique $SCRG ticker, not one of the many fakes floating out there,” as stated by the Scrooge Token Team.

The Scrooge project is based on a comprehensive roadmap that foresees the deployment of the project at large throughout 4 essential phases, the first of which has already been completed with the launch of the $SCRG for trading. The founders of the project have repeatedly stated that they will be adhering to the established roadmap over the course outlined in it.

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