SchoTex introduces a Defi Token with High Utility and Good Purpose

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SchoTex Ecosystem is a newly launched decentralized global experiment with a clear plan to bring a new dynamic to the world of community-driven tokens by serving utility & purpose in the crypto industry.

In day-to-day life, people are often confronted by situations where centralized institutions set the rules to follow. Without going into detail about whether such laws benefit the well-being of most or serve the personal interests of a few, the fact is that centralized structures need a lot of time to adapt when faced with new challenges.

Such a pace for adaptation may have never been a real issue in the past, but today the world requires much quicker progress, as the global society faces many complex and unknown challenges. These challenges present themselves on a global scale in a matter of hours or days. It may be a pandemic spreading faster because of high mobility or even struggling to find one’s own identity. At the same time, the digital actions are continuously being monitored and sold without the concession.

Quite often, people must fight to be treated as equals, get access to the essential tools (such as food, health, love), and allow them to develop themselves, their visions, and consequently, their world. Hence, the idea of centralization as “the only way to go” seems just outdated. The world needs innovative power to deploy solutions quicker than centralized institutions. Responding to today’s challenges at the pace required by a new generation, decentralized approaches are one of the most potent weapons.

Decentralization at its core means dispersing the decision-making power among all “levels” of hierarchy. Jiaschot The Dev Lead followed some path envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin founder, and Ryoshi for the SHIBA community with more advanced features to make the world a Decentralized one, eliminating any obstacle that can hinder the growth of technology. Schotex Ecosystem is a decentralized global project. The ultimate goal of Schotex is to create a world governed by the people that operate in a limitless manner, where every person is prominent in their capacity without limitation from centralized authorities.

Schotex Token is designed to fit perfectly into Schotex Ecosystem as a Governance token which will allow the community to vote on upcoming proposals. Schotex Token will start as a deflationary, community-driven DeFi token that provides passive rewards to holders, bringing new dynamics to the world of community-driven tokens by serving through utility & purpose.
Schotex Token has a strict limit max supply of 152,562,652,400 (one hundred fifty-two billion five hundred sixty-two million six hundred fifty-two thousand four hundred) with no mint function. It means no token can be minted in the future. 79% of the max supply will be burnt through a gradual burning mechanism already in the contract to create scarcity in the market and add more value to the Schotex token, leaving only 21%. Schotex Token Community can burn tokens as necessary to reduce the circulating supply from time to time.

From its inception, Schotex Ecosystem has done things differently. 0.5% Schotex Token was “sent” to Binance Exchange. The Dev Lead @Jiaschot trusts Binance Exchange to distribute the received token to their users as Airdrop at their own suitable time. Binance Exchange, having contributed so much to crypto adoption globally, is ever willing to do so following their roadmap.

0.5% of the max supply was sent to Binance Exchange Wallet Address: 0xf977814e90da44bfa03b6295a0616a897441acec BINANCE 8

Schotex Ecosystem is a fully decentralized and vibrant community-owned project that welcomes and embraces diversity, innovative ideas to deliver different dApps that will increase crypto adoption. Their opinions are powered by highly respected developers across the globe with a shared vision to build other Dapps under one Ecosystem.

Different projects will be launched in the future to benefit Schotex token holders. It will be reviewed on the entire public Schot Paper following our roadmap. Schotex Ecosystem will use EVM-compatible blockchain and solidity-based smart contracts to deliver different Metaverse dApps that will revolutionize human adaptation to crypto tech. Their mission is to build a robust ecosystem; that embraces diverse, innovative ideas to deliver different Dapps, increasing crypto adoption globally. Schotex Ecosystem will generate community-driven funding to support Angel-centric charities around the world.

Their plans are for the long-term development of the Schotex Ecosystem, which will evolve into a worthwhile investment that extends beyond fads. They are proud to announce One Million SchotEx Token Airdrop for the community! They are giving away a total of one Million SchotEX tokens as a shared airdrop to anyone that joins the community and participate by completing the airdrop tasks.

The Airdrop will include a referral program. Once the holder registers himself to the Airdrop, there will be a link, unique to each participant, that they can share with their friends to invite them to participate in the Airdrop. Rewards are as follows: The first 5,000 people who complete the task correctly will receive 500 SCHOT Token each. The first 250 people who meet the task correctly will be whitelisted for the SchotEX token presale. The first ten people with the highest referrers will receive 0.25BNB each.

Schotex Ecosystem will establish its Incubator of ideas to benefit the Ecosystem. This Incubator will play as a mediator between developers and the community to provide vision and create opportunities that strengthen our future, which will, in turn, increase Schot’s value over time. Schotex Ecosystem growth and accomplishment of its mission is with their help. Everyone can help, no matter the size of the portfolio.

Intending users with crypto-enthusiasm willing to invest must visit their official website for more information. They can also join on their Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and Github to connect with the experts of $SCHOTEX Token!

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