Schnipper Law Reports Government Crackdown Due to High Crime Rates

Schnipper Law Reveals Severity of Consequences for Various Crimes in Georgia.

In Atlanta, Georgia, authorities take criminal charges very seriously, due to the amount of crime found in this city. Violent crime rates remain high, with one in 70 likely to become a victim of this type of crime. Property crime rates scare many, as one in 14, on average, find themselves victims of one or more property crimes. If one has been arrested on suspicion of committing a crime in or around Atlanta, Georgia, obtain legal representation immediately.

"Government officials struggle to find ways to cut down on crime rates and believe harsh punishments are a good way to do so. For example, a person found with marijuana in their possession could be facing 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000, even if they were carrying less than one ounce at the time of the arrest. Those in possession of more than one ounce face even stiffer penalties. An experienced attorney works to reduce the charges one is facing, if not getting them dropped completely," David Schnipper of SCHNIPPER LAW explains.

David Schnipper understands how prosecutors think, as he spent time working in the offices of two District Attorneys. He learned a great deal during his time on the prosecution's side and uses the knowledge he gained to benefit his clients. Now Schnipper Law defends those accused of criminal trespass, driving under the influence, marijuana possession, fleeing police, and more.

"One should never try to defend him or herself in court. The prosecution amasses a team of experts to ensure the accused is found guilty. The accused needs the same on his or her side, to ensure their rights are protected and they receive a fair trial. Schnipper Law works to make this happen," Schnipper continues.

Many wait until charges are filed to seek legal representation. Don't make this mistake as an experienced attorney knows ways to prevent the charges from ever being filed. This could mean the difference between a favorable outcome and one that has the accused facing jail time, fines, and more.

"Contact Schnipper Law today to set up a consultation. Many attorneys meet with a client to review the case and then pass the case on to a paralegal or assistant to handle. This never happens when one chooses the Schnipper Law firm. All clients receive access to Mr. Schnipper around the clock. The law never sleeps, so neither should an attorney," Schnipper proclaims.

About Schnipper Law:
David Schnipper founded Schnipper Law after working in the offices of two District Attorneys as he wished to practice his true passion, criminal defense. Doing so provided Mr. Schnipper with the opportunity to amass experience, representing a wide range of clients accused of various charges, including domestic violence, probation violations, murder, and more. He works closely with clients to ensure they understand exactly what is taking place at each stage of the process, rather than passing clients off to assistants or paralegals. The client's future hangs in the balance and Mr. Schnipper never forgets this, providing the best representation at all times.

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