Schaller International’s Headquarters Moves To Los Angeles

Coaching Firm Offices Open in 2022

Founded in Dubai in 2016, Schaller International now operates internationally from Los Angeles.

At Schaller International, a continual focus is on maximizing leadership and teams for a purpose. Dr. Greg Schaller, Founder, is a credentialed coach with The International Coaching Federation and with The Global Team Coaching Institute. He has found coaching as the best method for results and growth for the leaders and teams he serves.

Schaller International coaches leaders throughout the Middle East, Europe, Japan, South America, and the United States and offers executive coaching for leaders to achieve strategic goals. “We look not only towards empowering teams to define their purpose, but also set systems in place to implement change.” Teri Johnson, Executive Coach. “Our principles and techniques create a pathway to higher performance.”

Schaller offers a variety of leadership coaching programs, adding value creation through improved emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and the development of strategic thinking skills.
Methods have led to success for their clients to everything from greater leadership resilience to significant improvements in team leadership performance or even sustainable organizational change and growth

“Executive Coaching for leaders that yields results.” says Schaller, “Team coaching can address team overwhelm and instill purpose and confidence, resulting in significant performance and revenue increase."

“Schaller International is committed to providing executive coaching skills for leaders. We take the time to understand your strengths and weaknesses which helps us develop innovative solutions for your career development. We foster greater self-awareness, drive transformational change, and provide critical support.”


Schaller International LLC is a Team Coaching firm that has 40+ years of experience offering world-class coaching skills to team leaders and organizations. They are headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with team members across the globe. Booking link.

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