Saul's Autotek Bids Farewell and Good Luck to Darrell Stern of Stern Marketing announces growth and success of company thanks to Stern Marketing services

Stern Marketing has been working diligently for many years to provide businesses with superior marketing services. Now, Saul of Saul’s Autotek is excited to share the growth and success his business has achieved after deciding to “Get Stern” and hire Stern Marketing to help provide services for the local auto repair business. After many years of dedicated service, Saul's is saying goodbye and good luck to Darrell Stern, of Stern Marketing.

In 2016, Saul’s Autotek was destroyed by a fire, which is when owner and operator Saul called Darrel of Stern Marketing to hire him and take advantage of the marketing services he offered. The first successful video launched by Stern Marketing for Saul's Autotek was “The Jeep Death Wobble,” and it became a highly popular video that began a trend of more and more helpful and informational videos from that point.

After the initial video was posted, Saul teamed up with Darrell Stern to create a collection of video content focused on Saul showing off what he knows about repairing vehicles. To date, almost 500,000 people have noticed these videos and helped with the continued growth of Saul’s Autotek by bringing their vehicles in for service and by commenting and sharing these videos with people around the globe.

“The ultimate goal was to create the most reliable and highest quality auto repair service in the world.” Stated Darrell who served as the Chief Marketing Officer to help the company to grow from just a small location in Englewood to one of the largest independently owned auto mechanic shops in all of Denver.

Now, Mr. Stern has refocused his vision and efforts back on his marketing agency and is working to help those who have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. He has been working to create online courses to help these business owners transform their businesses in this new “normal.”

Learn more about the success achieved through top-notch marketing efforts for Saul’s Autotek by visiting the Stern Marketing website or by reaching out to the professional and experienced staff via phone or email.


Stern Marketing is a Denver based marketing agency that is focused on giving back to business owners that are found in the local area. This company, headed by Darrell Stern, is working to help businesses throughout the area who are struggling to make ends meet in the new normal that has been created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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