Satellite Phone Sales Showcases Remote Communication Devices

Satellite Phone Sales promotes the benefits of satellite phone coverage which is available to 100 percent of Australia.

According to the Australian Government Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, mobile phone coverage remains available to only 25 percent of the Australian landmass while satellite phone services cover 100 percent of the country and its population. "Anyone concerned about being able to communicate in remote locations needs to make the switch to a satellite phone. With many choices available, every customer is sure to find one which meets his or her needs and their budget," James Coffey of Satellite Phone Sales explains.

Satellite phones cost more at time of purchase than cellular phones and those with limited financial resources find this to be of concern. The Isatphone Pro provides features consumers and businesses want and need such as voicemail, email messaging, SMS messaging and GPS location data. Users find this phone easy to use thanks to the high-visibility colour screen, large keypad and user-friendly interface. "Users discover this phone rarely drops calls, no matter where the user is located and the price is one that most can easily afford. Satellite Phone Sales offers the best guaranteed prices on the new Isatphone Pro," Mr. Coffey goes on to say.

The Iridium 9555 remains a customer favorite as the device easily withstands the harshest of conditions thanks to its rugged build. The company chose to decrease the size of the handset by 30 percent while adding even more features. Customers choosing this phone do so for the improved email and SMS capabilities, an upgraded Mini-USB data port, an internally stowed antenna and an integrated speakerphone. "Satellite Phone Sales currently offers this phone below suggested retail price so customers don't need to spend a great deal of time shopping around for a good deal," Mr. Coffey continues.

For those in need of a phone with advanced features, such as integrated tracking, the iridium 9575 extreme remains the best choice. The smallest of the Iridium phones, the 9575 Extreme offers superior ergonomics and a rugged, high gain antenna. With the Iridium 9575 Extreme, customers receive programmable emergency notification to contacts designated by the user, customizable GPS and online tracking. "The Iridium 9575 Extreme satellite phone operates as both a reliable tracking device and a satellite phone. Why settle for anything less? Satellite Phone Sales offers this phone below the manufacturer's suggested retail price to save consumers and businesses money while providing them with an excellent communication device," Mr. Coffey declares.

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Satellite Phone Sales, in business for eight years, assists casual users and businesses in finding the right communication device for their needs. Satellite Phone Sales understands the individual needs of users and works to meet these needs when it comes to remote communications. Telephone and online sales make it easy to serve customers across the globe and Satellite Phone Sales remains Australia's number one online satellite phone online store. Satellite Phone Sales works to provide the right advice when it comes to the best options in remote communications.

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