Satellite Phone Sales Extols the Benefits of Satellite Phones

The benefits of satellite phones are promoted by Satellite Phone Sales

Cell phones, although increasingly popular with consumers and businesses alike, lack the range needed by many while on the go. Cell phones only work in those areas serviced by cell phone towers. A satellite phone, in contrast, connects with a communication satellite, allowing the user to have service in remote areas around the globe. "Any consumer or business who has found themselves without service at a critical time needs to look into satellite phones, such as the iridium 9575 extreme," James Coffey of Satellite Phone Sales declares.

Satellite phones, such as the istatphone pro, allow news reporters, first responders and more to stay connected at all times, even when cell phone communications are disrupted. The Isatphone Pro offers a user-friendly interface, a high-visibility back-lit colour screen, Bluetooth, GPS, voicemail and more. "Users needn't be concerned that they must give up popular features when choosing a satellite phone. Thanks to the larger keypad, users may operate the phone while wearing gloves, making this the perfect choice for less than ideal weather conditions. Another benefit is fewer calls drop when this phone is selected," Mr. Coffey continues.

The Iridium 9555 withstands the harshest of environments and yet is smaller than its predecessor. Innovative new features of this phone include improved SMS, an upgraded mini-USB data port and an integrated speakerphone. "There are times where a user may find he or she needs their hands free for another purpose. With this phone, that is never an issue and its durability cannot be questioned," Mr. Coffey goes on to say.

For those who need a phone with more features, the Iridium 9575 may be a better choice. The smallest of the Iridium phones, this device features integrated tracking, the only satellite phone to do so. Programmable emergency notifications alert personalized contacts when a problem arises and this phone operates as a reliable tracking device with coverage across the globe. "The Iridium 9575 benefits users as it offers superior in-hand ergonomics and comes equipped with a rugged, high-gain antenna so simple accidents won't leave the person without a means of communication," James Coffey says.

Businesses and personal users often struggle to choose a satellite phone as they are uncertain as to which best meets their needs. Satellite Phone Sales works with each client to determine which model should be purchased. "With eight years of experience serving Australians consumers and businesses, Satellite Phone Sales understands what customers want and need in their mobile device and remains committed to providing it," Mr. Coffey exclaims.

About Satellite Phone Sales
Satellite Phone Sales provides consumers and businesses with information concerning communication options to ensure each finds the best solutions for their remote communication needs. Offering both online and telephone sales, Satellite Phone Sales works to make it easy for customers to have access to needed equipment at all times no matter where they are located. With a proven track record in the industry, customers have no worries when it comes to satellite phones as they know they are working with the best.

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