Sarasota Animal Control Warn Homeowners Of The True Costs of Mating Season

Sarasota Animal Control can help homeowners be rid of unwanted animal populations, a service now essential as animals seek places to mate and rear their young.

It is currently mating season for mammals, and they are seeking out places to mate and rear their young. Some of the safest places for animals are often found within human homes, where they are unwelcome pests that can cause both disruption and damage. Sarasota Animal Control are already experiencing an increase in calls from customers with animals in their attics. As such, they are warning individuals throughout Florida to be prepared to call animal control as soon as they see the signs of an invasive population.

Raccoons, Rats, Bats, Possums and squirrels are getting into peoples’ attics. On their website, Sarasota Animal Control explain how these nuisance animals cause serious property damage and health concerns. These animals’ excretions soak in and become embroidered into attic insulation, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

What’s more, these nuisance animals chew on the beams and wood in the attic, chew through the electrical wires, and make a complete mess that can cost home owners $1000's of dollars every summer. Sarasota Animal Control want to inform customers of what they can do to prevent these nuisance animals from getting into their home and attic, and have created free resources on their website. Those for whom it is too late can then contact Sarasota Animal Control to humanely, quickly and effectively remove the animals, whether Sarasota Bat Removal, Squirrel Removal, Raccoons or even Armadillos.

Brendan Mangnitz, President of Sarasota Animal Control, explained, “We will take care of all your nuisance wildlife needs, because there really isn't any animal we can't control. We can get raccoons or squirrels out of your attic. We can keep the bats out of your house. We can trap and remove the armadillos digging up your lawn. We specialize in Rat Trapping and Rodent proofing homes, to ensure the safest and cleanest environment for families.”

About Sarasota Animal Control: Sarasota Animal Control is a local company that has been in business since 2008. They offer wildlife control and animal removal. Everyone on staff is college educated in wildlife biology and entomology. They specialize in bat removal and raccoon removal for Sarasota fl. We are Sarasota Florida’s Premier Wildlife Control and Animal Removal Company. The staff are expertly trained and certified in wildlife and animal control throughout the state of Florida.

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