San Diego Botanicals Supports the Global Call for Climate Action

San Diego Botanicals Inc., a reputable full-service plantscaping company that provides indoor plants to San Diego residents, supports the International Day of Climate Action and calls for action on climate change.

San Diego Botanicals Inc., a trusted family-owned company that offers high-quality indoor plants in San Diego, supports the initiative and calls for everyone to take action on global warming.

Since 2009, an international environmental organization has been organizing the International Day of Climate Action to raise awareness about urgent environmental issues. This day emphasizes the importance of collective action to stop global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Each year, the International Day of Climate Action gathers people from all across the world. Thousands of environmental actions are organized in the name of fighting climate change and its impacts. This year, on 14 October, people united again to participate.

Now, days after these events, we should not forget about our responsibility for the environment. As an environment-aware company, San Diego Botanicals encourages people to protect the environment and combat climate change throughout everyday actions.

“The International Day of Climate Action is a reminder of how climate change affects our planet. We should all take action to protect and conserve the environment, on this day, tomorrow, always. One way we can help out is to tend to our gardens and plants. Not everyone has an empty yard to plant a tree. However, as we could see at San Diego Botanicals, there are many plants San Diego residents are happy to have in their homes. Each plant counts. Each contributes to the health of our planet”, says Jennifer Fossett, owner and CEO of San Diego Botanicals Inc.

There are many reasons why plants are essential to the planet. They generate oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide levels. Their presence is indispensable for clean air, water and food. In our homes, apart from providing a decorative touch, plants enhance our quality of life.

For almost half a decade, San Diego Botanicals has been doing interior plantscaping for home and business owners and has seen the positive effects plants have on people’s well-being. Fossett is also pleased to see that the International Day of Climate Action and other environmental actions are increasing environmental awareness in San Diego community.

About San Diego Botanicals: San Diego Botanicals Inc. is a reliable, family-owned interior plantscaping company serving all areas of San Diego since 1971. As a full-service company, San Diego Botanicals provides design and installation services, as well as indoor plant maintenance for homes, business, and offices. The company works with top-quality plants grown in Hawaii and Florida, which are then carefully shipped to San Diego.

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