San Antonio Foundation Pros Warn Homeowners Of Dangers In Shifting Bricks & Concrete

San Antonio Foundation Pros launches new website itemizing common foundation problems and causes behind them.

According to housing industry statistics, millions of homes every year suffer from cracks in walls, ceilings, bricks and concrete due to shifting foundations. This serious and often dangerous problem is frequently overlooked by homeowners until unexpected, expensive disasters occur. Samuel Johnson, spokesperson for San Antonio Foundation Pros ( says they rarely hear from homeowners until the really big problems happen or they're preparing to sell their homes.

Says Johnson, "There are often numerous signs your home may be having foundation issues, such as uneven or sloping floors. However, families tend to live with these problems and write them off as quirks of the house. But, actually they're signs something worse could be developing. There are any number of issues which can go into causing problems to a foundation. Poor construction when the house was originally built is among the major causes of these problems. If a foundation was poured by an poorly trained contractor, it can have construction flaws that grow worse over time. At some point, these problems will result in cracks and leaks all over the home, on the walls, floor, and the ceiling."

Johnson goes on to say often times families will go out of town and come home to a flood caused by leaks that gave way during their absence. "Just because you go off to the sunny beach doesn't mean the weather at home was sunny. If it rained the whole time you were gone and you have poor drainage? Well, that's just another cause of problems in the foundation. It can be caused by water from the gutters flowing near the foundation, which causes seepage. To keep this from happening, roof runoff must be directed away from the home using an effective gutter system."

The roofing company spokesman goes on to say, "Let's face it, there are many factors which could cause problems in a house's foundation. However, most any foundation problems can be corrected if they are discovered soon enough and appropriate plans of action are devised." With this in mind, Johnson and his team have recently launched a new website ( for their business, listing the most common foundation problems consumers should know and the causes behind them. "San Antonio foundation repair and house leveling has the solution to homeowner and commercial building problems if your home or business is showing signs of foundation failure."

About San Antonio Foundation Pros:
With over 25 years experience, San Antonio Foundation Pros is a team of skilled professionals dedicated to resolving foundation failure problems. With the knowledge and equipment to accurately assess the state of a home or business' foundation, they can also offer advice on how to minimize the risk of problems before they ruin a healthy foundation. Because of their superior quality work, the team has become a leading San Antonio foundation repair company.

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