Sam Ovens, International Digital Marketing Consultant, Featured on Influencers Radio

Sam Ovens, International Digital Marketing Consultant, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. He discussed the importance for business owners and entrepreneurs to grow a fortune and not fame.

International digital marketing consultant, Sam Ovens built several successful companies in his hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, by the time he was twenty-four. He now helps coaches and consultants grow their own businesses.

Ovens was intrigued by the fame and fortune that many entrepreneurs and business owners pursue. He found that businesses are being side-tracked from earning a viable living by the social media boom. The pursuit of acquiring a Like or a fan on sites such as Facebook or Twitter has become an important strategy for those seeking to grow a business. Added to that is the perceived importance of creating the perfect logo and website before any money can be earned.

According to Ovens, “Fame has mistakenly become the goal for many business owners. Having this goal, they look at what I like to call vanity metrics. 100,000 page views a month. 40,000 Facebook Likes. 10,000 Instagram followers. They’ll shout out these metrics and it makes them seem important and like they’re doing really well. But we have to remember that in business, the only thing that really matters is their profit. There’s often a massive discrepancy between fame and fortune, and between the metrics that you use to inflate your ego, compared to the core metrics that truly make up a business.”

Many digital marketing agencies focus on creating an eye-catching website or the perfect logo. Ovens prefers to use a different strategy with his clients.

“Many marketing agencies will help you with branding. They’ll have people do photos and your logo. They might do a website. I think that stuff’s important and you should definitely have that. But the piece that I focus on is client acquisition.

My create systems that typically generate phone calls, strategy sessions or consultations. I’ll set up a marketing funnel for somebody that will get them scheduled calls with potential clients at a measurable price. Whereas a lot of other people will just help people with their image or how good something looks. Or they’ll help them with a social media strategy which just grows their fan base. That’s the key difference,” shares Ovens.

Ovens is able to help his clients create a process in a few weeks that works consistently to have new clients coming on board, without the need to agonize over growing their social media standing.

Fortune without fame is Ovens’ personal preference. He is able to help business owners who feel the same and would rather have consistent bill-paying money (and beyond) without the agony of growing their Likes and fans.

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