Salinas Bankruptcy Support Made Easy By Stephen H. Kim, Attorney at Law

Indidividuals going through bankruptcy are often under a great deal of pressure and stress. Salinas, CA attorney Stephen H. Kim helps individuals get through the consumer bankruptcy process with the minimum amount of difficulty possible.

Stephen H. Kim, Attorney at Law works within a niche that’s turned profitable in recent years--providing bankruptcy services to individuals the Salinas, CA area. During the recent financial crisis, the number of individuals filing consumer bankruptcy has significantly increased throughout the country. It is highly recommended that those facing a bankruptcy case seek legal representation as a means of understanding what their responsibilities will be and avoiding as many of the negative repercussions of the process as possible.

Mr. Kim has years of experience working specifically as a consumer bankruptcy lawyer and uses this expertise to help his clients work through their financial difficulties with as much ease as possible.

Bankruptcy is a trying time. Kim has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA as well as a Juris Doctor from USC. To better aid him in his bankruptcy specialization, Kim returned to school to earn a Master’s in Business Taxation from Marshall School of Business through USC. This varied background helps him to provide intimate and personalized bankruptcy representation for those that seek out his expertise. Working through a bankruptcy is a trying time, and Kim works to minimize the angst associated with this process for his clients.

Se Habla Español - Mr. Kim’s staff speaks English and Spanish to better serve clients in the Salinas area, many of whom are Spanish-speaking. Potential clients can visit his website (which comes in both English and Spanish versions) to learn about different types of consumer bankruptcy as well as general advice in regards to steps they should take to begin addressing their financial troubles. He also maintains a dedicated website for Spanish-speaking clients at .

Kim is prepared to address the needs of those undergoing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

Those going through bankruptcy are often under a great deal of stress because they believe creditors will call their home or begin to hound members of their household. Their wages may be garnished, possessions may have been repossessed or foreclosure proceedings waiting to be initiated on their home. During these difficult times, individuals need a representative that can evaluate their financial situation and work at protecting any of their assets, if possible. Kim is experienced in negotiating with creditors to help cease harassing phone calls and minimizing repossession proceedings.

Individuals that have medical, credit card bills or other expenses that they are willing to pay but simply cannot manage at their current level can speak to Kim about their options. He may work with creditors to renegotiate payments so that they are more easily affordable. These steps and any advice that is provided to clients will be carefully personalized to address the specific needs of these individuals.

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