Sales Management Software Release Announced

Membrain has released a new sales management software tool which makes it easier for sales teams to organize. The company has established a best practice sales process which improves win rates and decreases sales cycle length.

Membrain Go and Henrik Öquist are pleased to announce that they offer a software for sales effectiveness. There are some complex sales challenges which hold sales teams back from consistent success. The software platform allows users to execute the sales process flawlessly. The significant sales challenges include not reaching sales targets, inaccurate forecasts, failed sales hires, stalled deals and low win rates, as well as status quo.

According to the website descriptions, these challenges are slowing down the entire business sales. In order to grow the company, the sales must be increasing. Membrain allows the top performing sales organizations to qualify prospects, follow a sales process which increases win rates through informed data-based decisions. All of the sales people will have consistent results through a quality sales infrastructure which permits the team to execute the sales strategy.

Inaccurate forecasts can cause business decisions to fail. Only when the sales forecast is accurate can planning for the future be trusted. Membrain helps to monitor the health of each opportunity using customer provided criteria elements. The software platform also provides a solution for recruiting and training a new business-to-business sales person. The fail rate for new sales hires is as high as 50 percent. The software tool helps to build the right habits of organization in new members of the team.

Membrain helps to eliminate stalled deals. The software offers sales reps the tools to qualify prospects properly, identify the stakeholders or ask important questions. Daily coaching is needed to get the deals back on track. Solutions to low win rates are the result of doing a lot of little things correctly.

According to the company spokesperson, “Status Quo is the main reason for lost deals. By using our tool, you can convert your best practices into sales infrastructure which is used by sales people daily. We can't eliminate competitors, customers who don't make a decision and status quo. We can provide software and tools which allow the sales team to consistently improve the win rates.”

Contact Info:
Name: Henrik Öquist
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Organization: Membrain
Address: Industrivägen 17, Solna - Stockholm, 7148 Sweden
Phone: +46-8-566 106 70

Release ID: 132273