Sal Leto Took His Childhood Struggles and Used Them as Motivation to Be a Successful Adult

Growing up in a rough part of the United States shaped the future Sal Leto wanted for himself and his family. He took the negative and turned it into a positive through a combination of motivation, determination, and networking his way to success.

Salvatore “Sal” Leto was quite poor when he was young. His parents, just teens when he was born, split shortly after his birth. He grew up in Compton, California and struggled to feel cared for until he was shown what unconditional love really was by his Step-Mother. She taught him grace and love, which gave Sal Leto the compassion he has today to help and serve those around him to the best of his abilities.

By the time Sal turned 18, he knew he wanted to become an entrepreneur. He wanted to shape his future his way and not go work for someone else. He wanted to have the freedom to go where he wanted, when he wanted, and to have an unlimited ability to spend his time helping others. To get to this type of lifestyle, Sal Leto knew it was going to take time, relentless dedication, and new education. He also knew he wanted to use his time to make a positive impact on others not just a paycheck. To find out more about what motivates Sal Leto, read his full story here:

Sal Leto sought out mentors who had already achieved what he wanted to achieve for himself. It took many failures and successes to find the best revenue streams for Sal, but his early successes came from real estate investing, Forex trading, eCommerce, and network marketing. Today, Sal is the one offering mentorship to those seeking a business and life mentor. He speaks on stages around the world sharing strategies, innovations, and growth principles that have gotten him where he is today.

About Sal Leto: Sal Leto wants life to be full of growth and achievement for those who are ready for more. He wants to teach people to recognize their self-worth, while understanding need of a healthy work-life balance, and how those things can lead to a person having above-average levels of fulfillment. Today, the principles that led Sal to his transformed life can be found in the pillars listed on Sal Leto 360. To learn more about Sal, visit his website:

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