Safety First Healthcare - CEO Shaun G. Morgan Reveals the Extensive Offering of FDA-Certified Medical Products

The founders of Safety First Healthcare have been doing business in Asia for more than 20 years

Safety First Healthcare, a Delaware registered company registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission as a US-form 10 public company with factories in Vietnam specializing in the personal protective equipment business, offers an extensive range of personal protective equipment with FDA certifications for the medical community and the general public. Safety First Healthcare has a broad array of masks, gowns, isolation suits, caps, shoe coverings, gloves and hand sanitizer.

The founders of Safety First Healthcare have been doing business in Asia for more than 20 years and decided to create a company whose products adhere to international standards and high quality. After significant research into each of the products, Safety First Healthcare Corporation located factories producing products with exceptional quality. Safety First then upgraded the factories and their products by redesigning the existing products to higher standards and upgrading equipment to meet those standards. Safety First submitted the upgraded products to various certifying organizations such as the FDA, CE, ISO, Health Canada and others. All of Safety First products are now FDA and otherwise certified.

“It was important to us as founders that we become a company with international standards and high-quality products. We heard how many buyers of PPE had lost millions of dollars on what they called “fake” products. Products that didn’t meet basic quality standards and the clients felt would not keep their personnel safe,” said Fredy Bush, Advisory Chairman of Safety First Healthcare. “We felt strongly that our products must meet high safety standards so we could be confident people were safe.”

Safety First Healthcare’s CEO, Shaun G. Morgan, commented, “A significant amount of time was spent on product research and analysis. We looked at various manufacturing methods and raw materials for each product until we settled on products of high quality which can also be mass produced.”
Safety First Healthcare produces four main product lines. Firstly, masks of various types including 4-ply, 3D and KN95. There are two types of 4-ply masks, a Protection Mask and an Advanced Protection Mask. The Protection Mask offers 90% filtration safety and the Advance Protection mask offers 95% or higher filtration safety. The 3D mask is a 4-ply mask with a unique design shape giving space to breath and practice daily life activities easily. The Nut95 branded mask is a 5-ply mask. This mask is known globally by KN95 or N95 mask, it gives premium protection due to two filtration layers. Secondly, protective clothing, such as gowns, suits, shoe coverings and caps. Gowns and suits come in different gsm weights depending on their purpose. Thirdly, three types of gloves, nitrile, latex and vinyl. The nitrile gloves come in two grades, Grade I Examination Gloves are 2.5mils - 3.5 mils thick and Grade II Medical Gloves are 4mils – 5mils thick. Safety First gloves are 100% Nitrile Butadiene Rubber. Finally, Safety First hand sanitizer is a spray, not a gel, as it is more quickly effective. It is made with Isopropyl alcohol and has vitamin E and honey moisturizing elements.

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