Safety First Healthcare - CEO Shaun G. Morgan - Examines Growth Drivers for Nitrile Gloves Market

Currently, Safety First sees shortages in nitrile gloves and KN95 style masks.

Safety First Healthcare, a US company with factories in Vietnam specializing in the personal protective equipment business, has been increasing its production capacity for certain products to address shortages in the market.

Currently, Safety First sees shortages in nitrile gloves and KN95 style masks. Many countries are expressing their urgent need to purchase these products and are finding it hard to locate the quantities they are seeking. Moreover, buyers are finding it difficult to find stable, quality products with dependable providers.

Fredy Bush, Advisory Chairman of Safety First Healthcare noted, “Safety First has seen such a significant demand for nitril gloves for many months now and that is driving raw material prices higher. Before the pandemic, prices for nitrile gloves was in the $5 - $6 range. Today, nitrile gloves are selling for twice that much. The pricing increases are all driven by shortages in nitrile material. We see this shortage continuing through 2021 and prices rising by an additional 20% or more. Safety First is building additional factory capacity, quality control and packing lines to meet the rising demand for nitrile gloves.”

Safety First Healthcare produces two grades of nitrile gloves; Grade I nitrile examination gloves and Grade II nitrile medical gloves. These gloves are 100% Nitrile Butadiene Rubber. The difference between the two types is the thickness of the gloves. Grade I are 2.5mils – 3.5mils thick and the Grade II are 4mils - 5mils thick. The Safety First nitrile gloves also have Health Canada and FDA certifications.

Safety First Group CEO, Shaun G. Morgan commented that, “We are getting numerous requests each day from various countries for Nut95 masks. We hear daily these countries have a shortage. Typically, this type of shortage drives prices higher. However, Safety First has developed significant production capacity for all of our masks so we have been able to keep our prices stable.”

Safety First makes a KN95 mask branded as Nut95 named after its primary mask factory Nutica. The Nut95 is a 5-layer mask with 2 filtration layers which means that when subjected to careful testing, the respirator mask will block at least 95% of very small (PM2.5) droplet and particle matter. Moreover, the Nut95 is registered with the FDA and has Health Canada, CE and ISO certifications.

Safety First Healthcare has increased its production capacity of 250 million masks per week of various mask types including 4-ply, 3D and Nut95s, for both adult and children masks.

Each time COVID contagion levels rise, various shortages ranging through all the PPE products appear. In the initial phase of the pandemic, the main product shortage was for ventilators currently it is N95 masks and nitrile gloves. An additional factor exacerbating these shortages is that the general public are now wearing N95 masks and nitrile gloves which further increases demand. Prior to the pandemic, N95 masks and nitrile gloves were primarily worn by medical industry personnel.

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