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Safety is proud to be a pioneer in developing and creating a multi-network ecosystem.

Safety is proud to be a pioneer in developing and creating a multi-network ecosystem. We choose to build Dapp platforms on Safepal wallet so that users can connect to more than 20 Blockchain networks and store unlimited digital assets easily and quickly while ensuring safety and absolute security.
Safety chose to develop on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network because of its outstanding features such as scalability, reasonable transaction fees, stable connection, high accuracy and safety, and is a destination that attracts thousands of projects and communities on the extremely large and diverse BSC ecosystem. This helps Safety to thrive and make the most of the technology, ecosystem and community from the BSC network.

With total supply: 500,000,000 SFT
Safety only offering to market through the seed stage is just: 95,000,000 SFT
Starting from the fourth quarter of 2021, Safety will launch the following platforms in turn:
● NFTs: NFT is understood as a form of digital string representing digital assets. At Safety, we aim to develop a familiar game with a more enjoyable experience, all in-game items will be digitized as NFTs and can be exchanged or traded between players.
● Swaps: Allows users to swap tokens between different Blockchains easily, shorten transaction time, limit risks and complicated operations.
● Farming: With this platform, participants can create liquidity pools by depositing different tokens into the pool and then receiving rewards in proportion to the participation rate.
● Staking: SFT token mining platform on Binance Smart Chain with Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm, the number of tokens mined will depend on the number of SFT tokens that were previously staked. The system will calculate and return the new token directly to the user's personal wallet.

We are oriented to connect and distribute hardware wallets and software wallets for safepal. In the future, Safety aims to become the organization that connects and develops the community for the Safepal micro platform in Asia.

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