SafeTits, the future of the adult content industry.

SafeTits, the future of the adult content industry.

SafeTits is going to become your one-stop shop for adult services, payments, and platforms. With a world-first integrated NFT Marketplace and Subscription Based Platform being built, it will allow content creators to mint NFTs whilst allowing them to put content out to their fan base/subscribers! In addition to the platform, content creators in v2 will be able to upload their content to different adult sites and generate revenue from other platforms other than just ours! Another product SafeTits are working on is a payment platform with the ability to withdraw to fiat currency. This is where payment for adult services from stripping to whatever two consenting adults want or just holding as a storage of value.

After OnlyFans changed its policy on adult content, the industry has freed up a large number of potential users. The developers of SafeTits are confident that it is their platform that will be able to provide connoisseurs of fine arts with everything they need to enjoy content from their favorite creators.

The platform will launch allowing fans to subscribe to their favorite content creators and also purchase their NFTs using the platform’s dedicated token $TITS, which has a limited issue of one trillion tokens (1 000 000 000 000 $TITS). With every transaction allowing for 3% reflections to all holders, holders will earn with every subscription, auction, or purchase of NFTs.

In this way, content creators will be able to maximize profits without intermediaries or large cuts due to platform fees.

NFTs will also play a big role on the platform. When an NFT is traded from user to user, it’s creator will receive royalties whenever he or she trades that NFT.

Finally, the developers plan to launch a decentralized payment platform with a crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto integration. This can be used to facilitate any transactions between two or more consenting parties.

They will be going above and beyond by giving away a chunk of their profits to breast cancer charities in third world countries where support is not readily available.

On top of that SafeTits commits to fully finance breast augmentations (lift, reduction, nipple tattoos...) for those who want it.

If you are interested in this project, you can learn more about it on the official resources:

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