SafeID Launches LP Farming with one of the Highest APY in Cryptospace

$afeID launches a Liquidity Provider farming with a very high APY to investors. The yield farm is live on PancakeSwap since December 15, 2021, when liquidity providers began staking their $afeID tokens to earn.

The project will allow investors to add their $afeID tokens into the $ID/WBNB liquidity pool and receive rewards based on their contribution. The reward is calculated in APR and paid out in a liquidity token. Users can stake their Cake Liquidity token to $afeID LP Farm to earn a decent annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 300%-500%.

To be liquidity providers, users need to have WBNB and $afeID tokens, which they can buy from PancakeSwap. They can add these tokens to the liquidity pools and receive Cake LP tokens in their wallet as a reward. They can stake the Cake LP tokens to firms and receive rewards in $afeID. $afeID is a utility token in the PancakeSwap that can be traded on the DEX. Users also receive discounts when they buy and sell $afeID tokens.

According to the CEO, LP farming creates a unique earning opportunity for the users who also have the power to influence the growth of $afeID. “Our project is user-centered, and we aim to provide the users with the best APY in the entire PancakeSwap ecosystem. We believe our investors deserve it,” said the CEO and founder Attila Bergsmann. He added, “We also encourage $afeID tokens holders to stake the tokens to increase its demand on the market.”

The liquidity pools operate as automated market makers (AMMs) hence runs of smart contracts, which are secure and transparent.

The project is built on the PancakeSwap, a DEX running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). PancakeSwap has active developers and a community that helps in maintaining the high liquidity of tokens. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) also enables faster transactions and lower transaction costs.

$afeID farming is getting into the business when the interest in DeFi projects and the cryptocurrency industry at large is on the rise across the globe. The project CEO believes $afeID LP farming will help crypto enthusiasts with a simple and straightforward model of creating fortunes out of the novel digital currency.

Contact Info:
Name: Attila Bergsmann
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Organization: A.G. Bergsmann

Release ID: 89056711