Safeby Launches Cutting Edge Best Baby Monitor System Parents Have Been Waiting For (2018)

Safeby’s new baby monitor offers audio and video capabilities and includes problem-solving crib mount, Is that the best baby monitor placement idea?

Dallas, Texas—Safeby’s brand new audio video baby monitor is the revolutionary solution to common concerns of parents everywhere. Safeby’s best baby monitor is equipped with a crib mount that enables the camera to capture crucial video from the best possible view. The crib mount can transition to capture baby’s every movement no matter how the nursery is set up or how active baby is. Unlike traditional baby monitors, Safeby’s audio & video baby monitor doesn’t require a flat surface. Also because of the crib mount, Safeby’s audio video baby monitor is super easy to install—Just Clip It, and you’re all set.

Safeby’s baby monitor operates via Wi-Fi and sends video footage from the camera to a smartphone app. The app gives even the most anxious of moms’ peace of mind while their child sleeps. Parents can monitor their child on the app using either the video or "listen only" mode. Even when mom or dad sleeping, they can use the "listen only" mode to listen their little one, In fact, this feature locks your smartphone screen and turns it into an audio monitor.

The monitor has an unlimited range, giving parents the freedom to check up on their child’s safety while at work, play, or travel.

Additional monitor features include:

• Video footage in 1080p HD
• Automatic night vision
• Motion and audio detection and alerts
• A still shot mode
• Ability to connect up to four cameras
• An LED light that can be turned on and off from the app
• A Crib mount for super easy set-up

Even with these numerous features, Safeby is continuously updating its app to make it as effective and user friendly as possible.

Experienced Amazon sellers and sisters Sahar and Tehila started Safeby for safety-conscious new moms. They look for the very best baby products in the industry and improve upon their design. Since its inception in 2018, Safeby’s top priority has always been the baby’s safety. That’s why the crib mount clips securely in place. Moms don’t have to worry about their baby pulling the monitor down and getting hurt.

Even YouTube influencer Cindy Walker, aka TheWalkerpedia, has taken notice of Safeby’s unique baby monitor design. TheWalkerpedia has over 9 million views on her channel and trusts Safeby’s innovative design to effectively monitor her children, so she can feel at ease when going about her day.

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The baby monitor is available on Amazon.
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