SAE Group Take Flood Relief Action To Support People Affected By Queensland Floods

SAE Group has responded to Cyclone Debbie by helping people affected by the Queensland Floods, including launching a crowdfunding campaign to help those without power or insurance.

Climate change is happening all around us, and Australia has been hit hard by extreme weather conditions. Queensland has been ravaged by Cyclone Debbie, which has caused severe flooding and left hundreds of homes permanently damaged, and many more without electricity. Clean energy company SAE Group provide professional, economical and sustainable energy solutions through solar power, solar hot water, energy efficient lighting, air conditioning, and all electrical services, including Level 2 accreditation with Essential Energy. They have taken immediate action to help families affected by the floods.

The company ( has been working round the clock to help people regain their access to power, while the local authorities provide little to no assistance. Many families have found themselves financially ruined by the floods, while insurance companies rely on loopholes to prevent paying out. SAE Group restored power to three homes in a single day, completing work worth over $6,500 dollars commercially, without asking for payment.

To help more people, the company has set up a GoFundMe campaign for the victims of the floods, so that other concerned and proactive citizens can help. The fund is looking to raise $10,000 in support of the victims, to mediate the damage left by the floods and restore power to homes, so people can begin to get on with their lives.

A spokesperson for SAE Group explained, “Electricity is utterly essential to modern living, and without it, families are unable to do even the most basic things. We had two electrical crews and one civil crew working last week to complete flood rectification work, but in order to continue helping more families, we need investment to cover the costs. This is why we are appealing directly to the Australian people. We have already raised over two thousand dollars, but need ten thousand to complete the work. Please donate today, and give generously to support those in need.”

About SAE Group: SAE Group is a wholly owned and operated Australian company specializing in energy efficient solar technology designed by electrical contractors with over 40 years of combined experience. They are commitment to creating the ideal solution for each and every project while paving the way to a carbon neutral future.

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