Sacramento Businesses Need Focus On Indoor Air Quality

Consolidated Facility Services, a Sacramento janitorial service, states the importance of Sacramento businesses focusing on indoor air quality to keep their employees healthy. Boosting productivity depends on it.

With this summer, ozone alerts in the Sacramento and Central Valley region come fast and furious. These alerts come health problems for those indoors and out. Consolidated Facility, a company who specializes in cleaning office spaces throughout the area, knows that in addition to air quality problems from ozone levels, chemical irritants can also contribute to health problems indoors, as well as dusts and other substances unfiltered in the air. Indoor air quality can be five times more polluted than the air outside. Eliminating as many risks as possible can minimize adverse reactions among workers.

The owners of Consolidated Facility Services are Duke and Nick Pham, and they have been keeping office spaces clean and safe for companies in the area since 1997. They say, "We know the United States Environmental Protection Agency promotes scientific understanding of the environmental asthma triggers and how to manage exposure to indoor air pollutants. We also take these factors into consideration when cleaning office spaces. We tailor our cleaning programs so they best fit the company we have as a client." Those interested can read more about all the services they offer at

Minimizing contaminants in the workplace usually begins with avoiding harsh chemical cleaners. Consolidated Facility uses green cleaning products upon request. These effective cleaners do the job, but do not allow toxic fumes to circulate through the air duct system, endangering employees. Another hint at removing these chemical fumes from the air was given by an architect recently in an online information base. He said that placing plants within the workplace can enhance air quality. Bamboo palms, mums, English ivy and peace lilies can actually remove chemicals from the air.

When productivity is increased, it is well worth the efforts taken to eliminate indoor pollutants. Workers not only are less prone to become ill and lose work time, but they also have an improvement in morale. It is so much better working in a clean, dust-free environment. Consolidated Facility also does any necessary sanitizing of restrooms, kitchens and break rooms. Hiring a janitorial service also eliminates the need to hire new employees and the expenses that go along with that.

Consolidated Facility is extremely proud of the fact that they work as partners with their clients in keeping indoor air quality the best it can be through thorough and safe cleaning practices.
Their cleaners are trained in the latest cleaning technology, in uniform and professional. Additionally, quality control inspections are performed regularly by this Sacramento janitorial service.

About Consolidated Facility Services: Consolidated Facility has serviced all of Northern California for more than thirty-five years, delivering premiere professional cleaning services to numerous California companies. Licensed, bonded and insured, their service has become known as one of the most popular janitorial cleaning companies in the Central Valley.

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