SACINSPECT INC Announces a $295 Home Inspection Special for a Limited Time

Individuals need to order the inspection online to determine the total fee, reports

SACINSPECT INC announces a $295 home inspection offer for individuals who choose to order online. This limited time offer must be requested online for the total fee, as individuals may receive anywhere from $50 to $100 by making use of this option. The online order option helps customers save time and obtain the home inspection quickly and easily. View the home inspection video today for more information on what the process involves.

", back in 2013, reported that 99 percent of real estate agents surveyed by ASHI and NAR advice potential home buyers to obtain a home inspection before purchasing a house. According to these realtors, 84 percent of home buyers act on this advice and require a home inspection as part of the sale. In addition, the realtors report that 84 percent had never had a sales contract terminated following the report," Isadora Lim, spokesperson for SACINSPECT INC, announces.

Potential home buyers must understand what is and is not included in a home inspection report. When visiting a home, the inspector examines the exterior and roof of the structure, the garage and attic, the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. The home inspection doesn't take the place of a code inspection, as it is designed to locate any items that are nearing the end of their life span, any items that don't work as intended and any safety hazards present in the home.

Potential home buyers use this information during the negotiation process. In the event items in need of repair or replacement are detected during the inspection, Lim continues, home buyers may request the asking price of the residence be reduced or the items repaired or replaced before the sale is finalized. This information helps to ensure the home buyer pays a fair price for the residence.

When choosing a home inspection, home buyers need to ensure they get a professional with the necessary qualifications. When even one item is overlooked during the process, the new homeowner may find he or she has a costly repair to deal with or must replace a major component of the home. For this reason, those looking to purchase a home need to use a variety of techniques to locate a professional of this type.

"The home buyer should start by asking friends and family for names they have used in the past. In addition, it's always wise to speak to professionals in the industry to see who they recommend. Check with local organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau, also, as the more information a home buyer has, the easier it becomes to make a selection. Finally, make use of Home Inspection Reviews found online, as this provides a broader picture of any company a person may choose to use. Upon completing these steps, many home buyers find we are the only company to call, thanks to our outstanding work and excellent reviews," Lim declares.


SACINSPECT INC specializes in assisting home buyers, real estate agents and investors with every aspect of the home inspection process. The company remains committed to helping with the purchase, rehabilitation and sale of any residence, as they understand a home is an investment in a person's future. They want to ensure this investment is a wise one.

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