SA Divorce Attorneys BBR Family Law Prepare For Spike In Divorces Following Valentine’s Day

BBR Family Law are preparing for their busiest time of year as Valentine’s Day proves to be the final straw for many dysfunctional relationships.

Valentine’s Day has been and gone. A celebration of romantic love in its idealised form. Unfortunately for many, this idealised version of love casts their own relationships as a pale shadow of how they began. It puts a spotlight on dysfunction, and makes people examine their happiness, or unhappiness, more thoroughly. As a consequence, this period is the peak season for divorce proceedings. San Antonio Divorce Lawyers BBR Family Law are helping people come to terms with the most important decision they can make, by offering free initial consultations to discuss the process of a possible divorce.

BBR Divorce Lawyers will take the time to understand the specific circumstances of every case, and will offer professional legal advice about the process of divorce, and what individuals filing for a divorce can expect. They go the extra mile, even helping to arrange for alternative accommodation for clients as the process is undergone, all while offering compassionate, aggressive legal assistance.

Their priority as a legal firm is to help people establish control over their own lives and the lives of their dependents, ensuring individuals can free themselves from toxic or abusive environments with the protection of the law.

A spokesperson for BBR Family Law explained, “For some, Valentine’s Day is one of the hardest days of the year. It can be difficult to admit to yourself that a relationship has taken a turn for the worse, and that the gulf that has opened up between parties is now irreconcilable. However, while the day itself may be one of the hardest, the decisions that are made after it can be some of the best, and can allow people to take their first steps into a more positive, hopeful and independent future. We will be there to support them every step of the way.”

About BBR Family Law: BBR Family Law is a full-service Family Law firm. Family law consists of divorce, custody litigation, child support, possession and access to a child, paternity, and marital agreements. At Bandoske, Butler, Reuter, PLLC., experienced attorneys handle both complex litigation cases and agreed settlements. They assist clients in navigating through their emotional and difficult family law litigation experience with attention to detail and compassion.

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