S.T. Hudson Engineers, Inc. Addresses Revised Safety Regulations

Companies Struggling to Comply with Updated Regulations Turn to S.T. Hudson Engineers.

S.T. Hudson Engineers, Inc. assists clients struggling to comply with revised safety regulations issued by the Department of Homeland Security concerning facility and vessel vapor control systems. Effective on August 15, 2013, the regulations explain requirements for new facilities wishing to become certified, along with requirements for existing facilities wishing to become recertified. The regulations also lay out new requirements for periodic operational reviews and more. "S.T. Hudson Engineers (www.sthe.com/marine-facilities/) assists clients in making the necessary revisions while also helping new businesses become certified," Leslie Hudson, spokesperson for the company, declares.

New regulations address advances in VCS technology, especially in those areas involving vapor-balancing operations, multi-breasted tandem loading-operations, and cargo line clearing operations. In addition, the Department of Homeland Security established new regulations for cargoes and operations while updating certain industry standards. "Companies worry about complying with all regulations and yet keeping up with changes put into place by the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies takes up a great deal of time. S.T. Hudson Engineers (www.sthe.com) monitors the changes and helps clients to ensure they are in compliance in all areas at all times," Hudson goes on to say.

To identify potential problems, S.T. Hudson Engineers (www.sthe.com/investigations-and-surveys/) employs a team of professional, hard-hat divers experienced in underwater inspections. Areas of expertise include detecting marine borers and cold water and black water conditions surveys and all survey reports set the standard for content, quality and detail. "Once the survey is complete, plan development begins and addresses areas such as prioritization of construction, establishment of viable, cost-effective repairs and allocation of maintenance funding. Contact us today as we can be of assistance with a wide range of engineering tasks for companies throughout North America," Hudson continues.

Countless turn to S.T. Hudson Engineers, Inc. as they have earned a reputation for providing innovative and cost-effective designs for new construction. In addition, the company rehabilitates port and marine terminal facilities, including piers, loading platforms, bulkheads, wharves and mooring structures. "With more than 45 years experience in waterfront facilities, we can assist with design, rehabilitation, and regulatory compliance of marine facilities and terminals, helping clients throughout the United States and from Canada to the Caribbean," Hudson states.

About S.T. Hudson Engineers, Inc.:
S.T. Hudson Engineers, Inc, established more than 45 years ago, continues to lead the way in state-of-the-art marine structures and total harbor facilities, taking on jobs throughout the United States and from Canada to the Caribbean. Over the years, S.T. Hudson Engineers designed and managed over $100 million of construction, plant rehabilitation, building renovation projects, and other retrofit work. The company continues to be known for developing innovative and cost-effective designs for both new construction and rehabilitation projects of all types of port and marine terminal facilities.

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