Runway Influence aims to revive Influencer Marketing after Frye Festival

Runway Influence is a digital marketing agency that offers full production of social media campaigns and social brand activations — from conceptualization to reality.

Internet fame may be all the rage the past few years, but recent bellyflops have forced Influencer Marketing to make a dive for the bad. Following the Fyre Festival fiasco, what used to be one of the biggest and fastest-growing marketing strategies has now been the focus of controversy. But a new marketing company is trying to change the narrative about influencers.

Runway Influence is a digital marketing agency that offers full production of social media campaigns and social brand activations — from conceptualization to reality. The California-based company helps clients reach their target audience online through talent booking, content development, project management, and talent integration. All these translate not only to engagement, but actual sales.

“Our mission is to amplify a brand’s message outside of events walls while also creating a beautiful ambiance at the event itself,” shares Runway Influence CEO Ernest Sturm.

“Influencers help build a brand’s relationship with the audience, generate interest and a craving for your product that creates an explosive brand awareness that lives long past the events hours.”

With its pool of notable social media personalities with followers in the millions, Runway Influence is able to match any brand with the right influencer to create a lasting impression — whether it be for clothing, personal products, top destinations, luxury venues, or high-end events.

But what makes Runway Influence different from the current templated process in the field is its meticulous screening process.

The agency follows a two-way evaluation system. Before signing an influencer, the team builds a personal relationship with them first. This process helps motivate both parties to work towards the same goal of delivering the best service to the client notwithstanding price tags.

They also try as much as possible to skip managers and work directly with the influencers. By cutting out the middleman, they are able to offer lower prices and better value for the client’s budget.

In the same way, before doing business with any brand, Runway Influence reviews each client’s background and screens them through personal meetings and research.

“We like to match the right influencers with the right brands which takes knowing your talent and knowing your client,” Sturm explains.

“It’s as important to screen the client as it is to screen the influencer. We want them to have a great relationship, it’s sort of like introducing two good friends to each other.”

The Fyre Festival controversy has made a major dent on the influencer scene that it has pushed governments to enact new laws to govern this social media marketing strategy. While investigations on the event’s organizers and influencer promoters continue, Runway Influence hopes that it can keep the scam a distant nightmare never to haunt influencer clients again.

Sturm adds, “We want to make sure that no one is losing in the deals we make, not in the short or long run. We would like to keep our influencers safe but we also like to keep our clients safe as well. If our models win and our clients wins then we win as well.”

To learn more about Runway Influence, visit @RunwayInfluence.

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