Reveals Tips For Homeowners On Dealing With Cold Bathrooms

The company has published a brand-new question and answer session addressing this common household issue with one of their very own radiant heating experts, reports, one of North America’s premier radiant heat manufacturers, is pleased to announce the publication of their latest question and answer session. Recently, the company sat down to chat with Clark Zacaroli, one of the business development managers for Runtal North America, a division of the Switzerland-based Zehnder Group AG. Mr Zacaroli has spent the better part of 30 years working internationally in the heat transfer industry, including industrial and HVAC segments, and has worked hard to truly understand how radiant heat can improve home design.

“Many people refer to their bathroom as the coldest room in the house. However, most homeowners have no idea why this is the case, and therefore are at a loss about what to do about this problem,” said Clark Clark Zacaroli. “One of the main reasons why we wanted to do this question and answer session is to help shed some light on the reasons bathrooms tend to stay cold and offer homeowners real solutions.”

In the new question and answer session (which is accessible directly on the blog), Mr. Zacaroli details 5 main reasons why many home bathrooms always seem to be so cold. In doing so, he covers topics like room usage, bathroom layout, poor HVAC design, and even exhaust fan systems and how they contribute to the evaporative cooling effect. Later in the Q & A session, Clark goes on to give his expert opinion on some of the more popular solutions to this issue, including radiant heating in the form of Electric Wall Mounted Baseboards, as well as recommending specific products for homeowners to consider.

Mr. Zacaroli went on to say, “Since a home is one of the largest investments anyone will make in their lifetime, people deserve to have a home where every room is comfortable – including the bathroom. It is our hope that this question and answer session is helpful to them in understanding the solutions they have available to them and choosing the best one for their needs.”

For those currently experiencing the problem of constantly cold bathrooms, Runtal Electric is here to help. Visit to learn more about how their electric towel radiators and other products can help bring warmth and comfort to just about any home.


As part of the Zehnder Group AG, headquartered in Switzerland, Runtal North America, Inc., prides itself on a rich history of radiant heat engineering, design, and manufacturing. The Runtal brand is considered a world leader in radiator technology, having invented the flat-panel steel radiator back in 1953.

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